Does my dog ​​need vitamins? Let's talk about dog supplements!


Both an excess and a vitamin defect can unbalance the dog's diet and cause health problems

  • Last update: August 16, 2012

Canine vitamins are not always necessary. Commercial dog food already has the vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients for the dog to be healthy. Experts say that a dog that feeds on a feed adapted to its age, size and degree of activity does not need an extra supply of vitamins. They may be necessary, however, when the dog is fed an unbalanced homemade diet.. In these cases, it is appropriate to opt by specific vitamins instead of complexes for the dog. They are also sold vitamins for dogs with certain pathologies. This is explained in this article.

Vitamins for the dog are not always necessary

A dog that takes a good quality food (high range) adapted to its size, age and degree of physical activity, rarely requires a vitamin supplement. In the daily food you consume all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins necessary for you to be healthy.

The vitamins They regulate the bodily functions of the dog (liver, kidney, heart, skin) and are necessary for the growth of the animal. But they are substances that are present in the dog's body and in food, classified into two groups: fat-soluble, located in fats (from group A, D, E and K), and water-soluble, which dissolve in aqueous products (from group B and C).

Vitamins for the dog that is fed with homemade diet

The vitamin compounds they should be administered when the dog is fed an unbalanced homemade diet. "The vitamins serve to complement the food that the owners prepare at home, which is not always balanced enough or does not have all the components that the dog needs in their diet," says veterinarian Juan Antonio Aguado.

"It is appropriate to contribute to dog a high-end feed (good quality), containing all the nutrients you need, including vitamins, "says Simón Martín, veterinarian of the ONCE Foundation of the Guide Dog. Even in situations of high requirements, as is the case of a female who has just given birth, there are specific feeds that cover her vitamin needs.

Specific vitamins instead of complexes for the dog

A sick dog may need specific vitamins

A dog sick or suffering from anemia may need specific vitamins to treat that condition, but in no case a multivitamin.

A dog with severe malnutrition or with a body weight well below its share may be a suitable candidate to ingest vitamins. This is stated by Ignacio Arija, veterinarian specializing in animal nutrition and professor at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the Complutense University of Madrid.

Vitamins for dogs with certain pathologies

Vitamin B1 is indicated to combat the symptoms of the dog's advanced age

Vitamins can also help in the treatment of certain pathologies, such as nervous conditions. According to Arija, in these cases it can be administered Vitamin B, which is indicated to promote connections between neurons. In older dogs (from nine years old), vitamin B1 is indicated to combat the symptoms associated with age due to its antioxidant properties.

In any case, if a feed of very good quality and adjusted to its peculiarities is provided to a sick, elderly or malnourished dog, an extra contribution of vitamins. Keep in mind that a high-end feed is more expensive than others of medium quality but, explains Ignacio Arija, "with this type of food, the owners ensure specific quality vitamins for their dog, which makes unnecessary administration of extra vitamins. "

In any case, both by excess and by default, the ingestion of vitamins can be detrimental to the health of the dog. The veterinarian will be the one who can best advise what is appropriate for each specific case.

Vitamins or supplements for dogs, are they convenient?

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The answer to your question is, without hesitation! But ... Not human vitamins!

Nowadays There are vitamins designed specifically for the needs of your pet. You can find them in specialized stores, and do not hesitate to ask your trusted veterinarian.

However, be careful! Dogs cannot be given vitamins and supplements at any time, An overdose of vitamins, may have contraindications for your pet!

Why do we say overdose? Because the dog food, it already contains all the minerals and vitamins that your pet needs. And you will ask yourself: So, why am I going to give my dog ​​vitamins?

When should I give vitamins to my dog?

Vitamins and supplements for dogs are especially recommended, for dogs that are following a homemade preparation diet.

If you are giving your pet a homemade diet, you may lack some vitamins you need to have a balanced diet. To complement your homemade diet, it is recommended that you provide vitamins or supplements, so your pet, You will enjoy an iron health!

You may know that most experts recommend that dogs follow a feed diet, since this type of food contains all the substances and minerals your body needs. If you have a female at home, and you are thinking of having a new litter, ask your veterinarian for supplements or vitamins for your dog. Remember that you will need stronger defenses to have the puppies!

What happens to dogs that have pathologies?

Remember that each vitamin has a composition and is intended for a specific purpose.

If your dog suffers from any pathology, It is possible that a vitamin that helps you in your ailment, also brings you a better quality of life. On the other hand, it would be advisable to ask your veterinarian, if there is any specific feed in the market for your problem, and it is of very good quality, you could do without vitamins!

The type of feeding of our pet, will especially affect the health of our dog (both positively and negatively) and although high-end feeds (and especially if they are specific), are more expensive, it may be worth the extra expense, since it can extend the life of our little friend.

Can I give my dog ​​human vitamins?

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As a general rule the answer is, no! Dogs are basically carnivorous, so they don't have the same needs that we humans have.

However, There are some vitamin complexes that could be given as long as it is done with the supervision of a professional, Don't put your pet in danger! Always ask your trusted veterinarian!

Some of the vitamins that your veterinarian can recommend are:

  • Multivitamin Complexes
  • Specific complexes for joints
  • Probiotics
  • Fish oil

However, even in these cases, We can replace it with a feed that offers all the vitamins your dog needs.

Remember, before making any decision, consult your veterinarian!

Can you give vitamins to a dog?

The answer is yes, but not human vitamins but vitamins designed especially for them, which you can find in stores specializing in sales of pet products.

Although they are suitable for dogs, they cannot be given at any time, but when necessary, since an overdose of vitamins can bring problems to your dog..

We say overdose because the food prepared for dogs contains all the minerals and vitamins that the animal needs. So when are vitamins necessary for a dog?

Dogs with homemade diet

Dogs that eat homemade food may lack the necessary vitamins for not having or for not knowing how to make them have a balanced diet.

In these cases it is advisable to supplement the diet with vitamins so that your friend's body works properly, since vitamins are responsible for doing this.

However, according to experts, the best thing is that the animal has a diet with feed, since this food contains all the minerals and substances that your body and organism needs. This is especially necessary in bitches that have just given birth, because they lower their defenses and need a greater source of these.

Vitamins vs. complexes

There are several cases that may require a dog to take vitamins. For example, if you have anemia, are sick or suffer from thinness. In these cases, the presence of vitamins may be necessary, but it will never be a vitamin complex, but some specific ones to treat your problem. The veterinarian, as we always tell you, is the one who can best advise you.

Dogs with pathologies

Each vitamin has a different composition and purpose. For example, B is intended to treat nervous pathologies, B1 can be of great help against old age.

Thus, in cases of this type, a dose of the necessary vitamins can give your dog a better quality of life. Although, even in these cases, If you feed the animal with a specific feed for your problem, which is of very good quality, you can do without vitamins too.

Therefore the food we give to our pet will say a lot about their health and can also improve it or, on the contrary, make it worse. Although a high-end feed intended for something specific may be more expensive, it is worth the effort and expense, as a good diet can extend the life of your pet and provide you with a better state of health.

Vitamins for humans?

As a general rule, you cannot give dogs vitamins for humans. The dogs are basically carnivorous beings that do not have the same needs as us.

But nevertheless, There are some types of vitamin complexes that can be given in the proper dose. But remember, it should always be the veterinarian who authorizes this intake, as an excess of vitamins or taking vitamins not indicated can bring problems to your animal.

The human vitamins that have normally been authorized for dogs are:

  • Multivitamin Complexes
  • For joints
  • Probiotics
  • Fish oil

Although even in these cases we can substitute vitamins for natural food. For example, we could say that we can have probiotics in a yogurt or fish oil, which provides the Omega3 in fish. Be that as it may, Any decision you make should be supervised by the veterinarian.

Vitamins for dogs Daonly

If you want to energize your dog so that he can enjoy a healthier life, the Daonly brand presents us with chicken-flavored vitamins that your dog will love. These vitamins are rich in collagen, something very important for the good development of your pet.

Collagen is very good for your bone system and for your joints. It is a type of vitamin that can be given to young dogs like old dogs. These are the most benefits you can enjoy with this type of vitamins.

With these natural vitamins you can see how your dog's health will improve quickly. In about two weeks you will see how your dog will begin to improve. For example, if you have lameness, this type of vitamins will come in handy.

Vitamins for dogs for skin Daonly

This brand also thinks about the skin of our pets and offers us vitamins that will make the dog look better.

As in the previous case, these vitamins are rich in collagen and hyaluronic acid mixed with many vitamins. This pack will make the skin of your dog look much prettier, while its health will improve considerably.

The vitamin C included in this pack is very good for the skin. So you can have a very beautiful and natural skin color, while you can protect your cells so you can be young for longer.

If you have a dog with an age over 6 or 7 years, this vitamin supplement with collagen can be a great help for your pet. And remember, everything has been prepared in a natural way, so you don't have chemicals that can harm your health.

Daonly dog ​​hair vitamins

If you notice that your dog has health problems and his hair is very weak, then it can be very interesting to add these vitamins to his daily diet.

Vitamin E, along with the brewer's yeast and zinc make the dog get the strength it needs to get the hair to grow back naturally and especially with strength.

This vitamin supplement will not be difficult to give to the dog. It has a chicken flavor, which your pet will love. And if you mix it with food, you will eat it without any problem.

You will start seeing the effects during the first weeks. You will see how you no longer have to clean so many hairs, because the fall will be significantly diminished.

Vitamins for dogs stress Dr Sekiz

If you notice that your dog is exposed to stress, then a good vitamin supplement such as the Dre Sekiz brand will do very well. It has a formula that allows the animal to get all the vitamins it needs to face its life with more enthusiasm and therefore overcome this phase without problems.

It also increases the levels of resistance to external factors such as heat and disease significantly. Keep in mind that your dog will have a much better chance of falling ill if stress is not treated on time. To help you, I recommend these vitamins, which are giving very good results in dogs that are taking them.

Of course, when giving these vitamins to your dog, it is important that you read the manufacturer's instructions, so you can provide the vitamins you really need according to their size.

Vitamins for dogs Petnatura

In order for your dog to be healthy and enjoy his day to day, this vitamin supplement for dogs is something you should keep in mind.

It is a calcium supplement formed through 3 types of vitamins. The product will provide your dog with vitamins A, D3 and K3. That is why it is usually a good complement for puppies that are in full development. But dogs that are older and begin to have bone problems due to lack of calcium can also come in handy.

This product in addition to helping the dog to grow, also helps not suffer rickets.

If you bet on this option, inside you will find 100 tablets, so you will have for a long time. Of course, keep in mind that if your dog is large, then you will have to provide more tablets to enjoy these benefits.

These tablets will delight your pet, remembering that inside you can enjoy the benefits of vitamin B.

These tablets are very easy to hide among your dog's feed. They are round in shape and are not big at all.

Thanks to these tablets you will get your dog to generate more red blood cells and therefore can enjoy greater energy in their day to day. It is a very good vitamin supplement for low energy dogs.

Vitamins for dogs and essential oil Gerrard

Not only must you take care of your dog inside, but you must also take care of it from the outside. These vitamins with essential oil will help you achieve your goals easily.

Thanks to this type of oil, you can offer a good sun protection to your pet. This protection will prevent the sun from damaging your skin and hair, while giving you vitamins to make your hair grow prettier and stronger.

The oil that you will apply to your dog is rich in vitamins, while also including UVB and UVA inhibitors. And even if they think not, your dog will also appreciate being able to have good protection against the sun's rays, just as you appreciate it.

It is a 100% natural oil without any chemical that can damage your pet's skin. You can be sure that if the tests you will repeat again, because the results are very good.

Vitamins for dogs Quiko

If you want to give a good dose to your dog in a simple way, then I propose to bet on the juice of vitamins of the brand Quiko.

In this case you will be contributing to your dog a large number of vitamins such as A, D3, B or C. With these vitamins, your dog can have very good health and a great strength to run and play throughout the day. If you notice that your dog is down, do not hesitate and buy this juice. Also, since it is liquid, it will be much easier to give it to you. Of course, consider its size to give more or less doses.

In a few days you will see how your pet begins to have more vitality and that is why you will feel much happier having contributed these vitamins.

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When are vitamins necessary for dogs?

Before going into details, I want to make it clear how bad it is for the dog to have a bad dose of vitamins as an excess. Keep in mind that vitamins are not always necessary, because in many cases the dog's own food already includes this type of vitamins. For this reason, to avoid having to give vitamins to your dog, it is important that before you always provide a good meal rich in vitamins, nutrients and minerals. So you can grow with strength and vitality.

You should provide a dose of vitamins if you feed your dog with a homemade diet, which is not rich in all kinds of vitamins. In this case, you should acquire this type of vitamins to ensure that your dog has everything necessary to grow without problems. That is, they are a very good complement to homemade diets.

The vitamins they are very good when a dog is sick or has decayed into depression For different reasons. In this case you must offer your pet the appropriate vitamins so that he can recover more easily and return to be the dog he was before the decline. According to many veterinarians, a dog that is underweight is a great candidate when it comes to taking special vitamins for dogs.

If your dog has a nerve condition, then it will be important that you buy B vitamins to fight this problem. This vitamin will help improve the connection between neurons and therefore you can improve the life of your pet. And if you have an older dog which begins to fail, it may be a good idea to give vitamin B1 to improve your memory and therefore make your life last happier.

If you notice that your dog loses hair in a very high amount, then you must provide a good dose of vitamin E. This type of vitamin will help your dog's hair get the strength it needs to be able to grow back naturally and strongly.

The important thing is to check the problem of your dog and then provide the appropriate vitamin to your pet. If in doubt, it is best to go to your trusted veterinarian and ask for advice. So you can give the right vitamins, because as I said before, so bad is an excess of vitamins as a decline of them.

Tips for buying cheap dog vitamins

When you are clear about what type of vitamins your dog needs, the next step will be to buy vitamins for cheap dogs. If you find yourself in this situation, I recommend you buy these natural vitamins through the internet. This way you will achieve your goal in exchange for paying a much more competitive price. And it is that through the internet you can buy them at a much lower price.

When buying them you should always think about your pet. You should always do your best. By this I mean that for saving a few euros you should not buy poor quality vitamins. It is better to pay a little more, but buy good vitamins and get the dog to get better quickly. And if you have doubts about what to buy, I invite you to buy the vitamins that I have recommended at the top. That way you will solve your dog's problems quickly.

My name is Rebecca and my passion since childhood have been animals. I have always felt attached to them, wanting to give their best so they can have what it takes to live with total well-being. If you want to know about a pet product, you just have to read my analysis and comparisons. I look forward to helping you.