One of the possible ones could be linked to the fact that the excrement smells like food.

The animal world is a mystery. There are thousands of behaviors that are not yet completely understandable to the human race and one of them is coprophagy or voluntary ingestion of feces.

Yes, dogs can eat their own excrement for various reasons. Veterinary doctor Daniela Peñaranda explains it on her YouTube channel ‘Vida de Pelos’, as “a behavior that has no scientifically proven explanation. The dog can eat its own fecal matter, that of other dogs or that of another species, such as the cat ”.

One of the possible causes for which dogs eat their own feces, may be linked to the fact that the excrement smells like food, that is, another dog defecated somewhere, some of the food consumed was not properly digested and hence They passed into the stool, attracting other animals to eat these feces.

Another cause is that females lick their pups in order to stimulate defecation, in addition to maintaining the hygienic area. This behavior is inherited from the wolves, which eat the feces of their puppies to prevent them from attracting predators.

This causes puppies out of curiosity or imitation to start eating their own excrement.

They can also do it to attract the attention of their owner or to help him clean, that is, when dogs see their masters collect their feces, they start eating them as a way to help them clean.

Whatever the reason that your dog is eating its own feces or those of other animals, you must take it to the veterinarian, since it could get diseases such as hepatitis, which is transmitted by fecal matter with which it could have had contact of an infected animal. Also, that the situation is not very pleasant either.

Walk and exercise your dog regularly

One of the causes of a dog eating feces can be boredom and lack of mental stimuli. Therefore, it is important that every day you dedicate enough time to walk your dog, exercise it and play with it.

You can also give him natural snappers when he is home alone, so he can entertain and relax.

A natural and fresh diet can help

If some cases of canine coprophagy may be related to a poor diet, it is clear that changing your dog's diet to include fresh, varied foods and unprocessed will have a positive impact on your health, and your problem will decrease.

Give your dog the best (or balanced) feed you can afford, but also offer it daily natural foods such as chicken, turkey, eggs, olive oil, liver, fruit such as apples, vegetables such as carrots, or plain yogurt, etc. You can also add a few times a week, small amounts of natural foods very rich in vitamins, such as beer yeast.

Why does my dog ​​eat his feces or those of another dog?

There are several reasons why your puppy looks for his poo or others and eats them, especially when they are small. Before adopting your puppy, Most often, he spent a season with his mother and his brothers. Hairy moms only have one wish for their children: that they live in a clean and dirt-free place, so it is very common for them to eat them to get it and the puppies learn this habit.

There are other reasons associated with their diet. Puppies are explorers by nature, they need to sniff and sniff everything in their power to get to know the world around them. Sometimes, they reach a poop of yours or another dog and it smells like food or another suggestive aroma is transferred.

I'm sure you're grimacing now, unable to believe you how it is possible for a poop to smell good. The explanation to this is simple: the smell of a dog is of such sensitivity that it allows them to distinguish traces of food in them, feeling attracted by eating them.

In addition to these two reasons there is another one: anxiety. Both puppies and adult dogs are tremendously emotional beings. If you do not pay attention to them, if they suffer or if they suffer from stress, anxiety can end up manifesting itself by eating the poops they see around them. This case is uncommon, but usually occurs in those dogs that are severely scolded for bringing what they should not into their mouths and that, suddenly, see how their caregivers stop paying attention.

How do I prevent my dog ​​from eating his feces?

Now that you know the reasons, it's time to get down to work. In order for your puppy to stop swallowing droppings you have to take care of his food, his education and the way you have to treat him and play with him.

There is a powerful relationship between puppies that do not have a rich and varied diet with stool intake when they are exploring. If you only feed your furry the same I think boring from super day after day, it won't take long to have the need to try new flavors, although these are inside a dough.

The solution, therefore, is to buy quality feed and alternate it with cans of wet food and even recipes cooked by you. If you like what you have at home you won't need to try anything weird outside. Remember that this is also the key to avoiding canine obesity.

As for the inheritance that his mother has left him, he tries not to scold him much because he carries out this unhealthy habit. He thinks he does it because he learned it from the one he loves most, it is hard for him to understand that he is doing something wrong. Instead, always keep your surroundings clean and pick up any poop you throw before you can consider eating it. Combine this with a healthy and rich diet and you will stop doing it gradually.

To avoid having this behavior because of stress, anxiety or the feeling of abandonment, get used to playing more with him, to walk around him more regularly and to understand that he may be doing it to get your attention, so lend him more . The responsibility of adopting a puppy goes beyond feeding him and taking him out to the park to meet his needs., you have to feel loved.

When should I worry that my puppy eats poop?

When you take him down the street, always look forward to him. If you discover that a stool has been brought to your mouth, examine it and check its color and if it has worms or spots shaped like grains of rice. If so, leave a query to our veterinarians online. It is worth taking a picture in the hez to be able to have more data for diagnosis. If after eating your feces you start to vomit and keep doing it after a few hours, let us know too, because you may be suffering from a gastric problem.

If, despite following these instructions, you continue to gobble up your bowel movements, contact us by telling us your age, race and time you have been doing so. Our experts in canine behavior will attend you and give you an answer.