What is the best fertility moment in your dog?


Another important aspect to know how to cross dogs successfully, is to know the proper functioning of the hormonal cycle of the dog.

Some tips to identify the right time to cross dogs successfully They are:

  • What is the female's heat time? Some think it comes every 6 months. However, it depends on the breed, among other factors. As an example, that of poodles comes every 250 days, that is, every 9 months, approximately.
  • The hormonal cycle of dogs is not equal to that of women. It has nothing to do and you should not confuse zeal with menstruation.
  • The dog stains first for 9 days, with an interval of 3 to 17 days. This time is called "proestro". After this time, the heat begins.
  • The ideal time to introduce the female to the male is when 8 to 9 days have passed since the cycle began. That's when the dog is in its most fertile stay.
  • Animal instincts are wise. The female will accept the male, only if her body is prepared for effective mating.
  • It is recommended that the female be taken to the male's territory, generating in this a calm environment.
  • The mating process usually lasts 15 to 20 minutes. It is advisable to leave the couple for several hours, so they can have several sexual encounters and have a greater chance of success.
  • If it is the first time that the dog will have sex, it is possible that she moves away from the male, for inexperience.

Results with success

Occasionally, despite bringing dogs together at the right time, mating does not work. Why does this happen? The most likely reason is the inexperience of dogs. In this case, artificial insemination should be applied, which consists in obtaining the semen of the male, through manual masturbation, and transferring to the dog, through a probe.

For an effective crossing, it is recommended to ask an expert for help on the subject, to be able to perform an appropriate procedure.


It will not be until the 16th that small packages will begin to be created. On the 20th the embryos will begin to form, and at 25 days, a test can be performed, palpating, to know if the procedure was a success. The normal duration of pregnancy in dogs is 52 to 72 days.

It is advisable to perform several ultrasounds during pregnancy, to verify that everything is going properly. The first can be done at 5 weeks gestation, when the fetus begins to form. From then on, they can be done every fifteen days, to keep track of the procedure.

Frequent mistakes

There are several common mistakes that people who don't know how to cross dogs make. One of them is that they do not consider health factors when choosing couples. The consequence of this is that certain diseases are transmitted to children or that mating is not effective.

Another reason that leads to the failure of the meeting is infertility. This problem is usually latent in dogs.

It is always advisable to seek help with a specialist. The expert will perform the appropriate exams for both animals, to know if they are suitable. In addition, it will give some tips on how to cross dogs.

We will see some tips on planning

  • It is recommended that the future mother be wormed before mating. It should also be 10 days after pregnancy, to avoid undesirable transmission of parasites, which can kill fetuses.
  • You should eat a healthy diet during pregnancy while the female is with the young. The idea is to keep the mother healthy and to give the puppies the necessary nutrients.
  • It is important that mating and childbirth be performed in healthy places, clean and hygienic.

In general, it is very positive to accompany the female during the process, in order to help her in whatever she needs.

How to detect the best moment of fertil>

The first thing we should know is that two dogs cannot be paired until at least both have reached 18 months. In the case of the female, the second heat could be feasible, but it is recommended to wait for the third. It is in this age the moment of most fertility of both.

However, the dog may not be allowed to ride, something that happens very commonly, so finding the optimum fertility moment is essential to carry out a successful pairing.

This moment will happen when the dog has been bleeding for at least two days, as it will be the occasion on which she ovulates and when her body will be more willing to receive «guests». This process may take a week, so waiting a few days, when the bleeding is less, will make the animal more receptive.

If you do not control your dog's jealousy very much, you can also go to the vet to have a cytology that will reveal progesterone levels, and therefore the exact date she will ovulate. Thus, you will know the best fertility moment of your dog.

Now, if you already know when your dog is more fertile and you want to mate her, this is a more complicated process than it seems. Would you like some advice?

How to pair two dogs

Wanting to have puppies is a very laudable desire, but the truth is that crossing two dogs is not always easy, especially if animals are not known. Therefore, let's see what guidelines to follow so that everything goes smoothly.

  • Choose a good partner for your dog. It is best that the dog is the same breed and the same size as the female. This is not only thinking about the beauty of the puppies, but also that it will be favorable for the dog and much easier for both, because they will recognize each other from the same breed and there will be an approach.
  • You must wait. Do not expect the first time they see each other, they will need a contact. This is preferable to happen a week after the dog has had the period, because although it will not be her moment of greatest fertility, her hormones will still be revolutionized and knowing the father of her children at that time will make her more willing for when they become Let's see.
  • Take her to the dog. It is preferable to take the dog to where the male is. A female may feel her territory threatened but a dog as soon as she smells her pheromones will pass.
  • Find a quiet environment. Agree with the owners of the dog to adapt a quiet room without too much light and no noise so that both animals can be relaxed and allow nature to do its job.
  • Let it be natural. Do not try to force it or get in, this is an instinctive act and it will happen with or without you. When they start, leave them alone so they feel comfortable.
  • Let it last what has to last. Even if you think it's enough or even if you think your dog is suffering, don't stop riding. Normally it will last about 20 minutes, so be patient, you'll soon be a grandfather!

If you want to know how to act before your dog's pregnancy or when she has already been a mother, in our magazine you can find several articles about it.

Should bitches breed once in a lifetime?

Of course not!

This popular statement is a scourge that unfortunately, in addition to not having any scientific weight, has caused and continues to cause too many problems for animals and their owners, a pregnancy / delivery is always a risk to the dog's health, puppies They are exposed to an endless number of health problems that could end their lives and, worst of all, the great risk that the puppies do not end up in the best hands.

Another of the wrong popular statements is to think that the sterilization negatively affects animals when the reality is that most veterinarians are in favor of applying it as soon as possible because not only diseases associated with reproduction and unwanted behavior in heat are avoided, they also avoid unwanted litters.

At what age can a dog breed?

The optimal age to breed is when the animal has developed, physically, mentally and sexually.

In small breeds this happens around 18/20 months, in large breeds we will have to wait a little longer, until 24/26 months.

In addition to respecting its physiologically optimal time, it is also very important that the animal is in perfect health conditions: nutritional, vaccination, deworming, etc.

Find a partner for our dog

The most obvious is that we should cross our dog With an animal of the same breed.

The future spouse must fully comply with the standard of the breed on a physical level, it must also have a stable temperament, and of course be in perfect health conditions and free of possible genetic diseases specific to the breed, all verified by a good veterinarian.

Obviously, our animal must also scrupulously comply with all these conditions.

Once we have chosen the animal for the crossing, we must establish the conditions of the ride with the other owner. It is advisable to sign a document on both sides detailing all the details, this simple procedure could avoid many problems in the future.

For guidance, the contract must include the data of both the owners and the animals. In addition you have to detail the price of the ride, which will receive the owner of the male, or specify if you prefer any puppy of the litter, the number of animals and the sex you want. Normally, if the mount is not charged, the litter is divided between the two owners with the conditions established.

It is also very important to have future owners for puppies, so we will prevent them from falling into irresponsible hands and also avoid having to improvise last-minute solutions if we cannot take care of the puppies that we do not deliver.

The moment of riding

The ride It will be done in a quiet and familiar place of animals, especially the male. The female in heat does not usually resist, regardless of where she is.

To ensure fertilization as much as possible, it is recommended that at least a couple of coverings in a period of 48 hours.

The female should never be forced to pair, is counterproductive and unworthy for the animal, you can always resort to artificial insemination.

Your new puppy: the first three months

Whatever their breed, all puppies develop equally, going through the same stages from childhood to maturity. In addition to knowing what these stages are, it is interesting that you are aware of what your puppy is capable of doing in each of them.

Although puppies follow the same guidelines in their development, times vary depending on the breed. In general terms, smaller races grow earlier, reaching maturity before the end of the year. Larger dogs are a little slower, being able to spend up to eighteen months to complete their development.

Prepare the birth

Another important aspect is to prepare for Birth.

The first thing will be to choose the appropriate place for the female dog for. Ideally, a wooden box or other resistant material with loose measures that allow the animal to feel as comfortably as possible at the time of delivery and also shelter, without danger of crushing due to lack of space, the puppies during their first weeks of life

You also have to keep in mind that puppies They will need a sheltered and warm environment, the first days you can put a towel or a blanket on the floor of the drawer. It will be necessary to watch that they are not too fluffy to avoid the risk that some puppy is crushed by its mother between the folds.

At the time of delivery, you must have enough absorbent material (paper or cotton) to soak the fetal fluids.

It is convenient to know that most deliveries are usually given at dusk or early in the morning.
We have to anticipate that at that time we must be present to accompany our female dog or help her if necessary. The ideal thing would be to have our veterinarian aware of the status of the dog so that in the case of serious problems, such as the need for a C-section, we could move quickly to the clinic.

It is very convenient to know, by ultrasound or radiography, the number of fetuses that the female dog. This information will be very useful in childbirth to know the final moment of births.
It is also possible that the delivery does not go as well as it should, some puppy can present an apparent death, in these cases it will be necessary to clean it by vigorously rubbing it with a warm towel, if it does not work, it will be necessary to clear the airways and perform an artificial respiration While the thoracic area is massaged, if necessary, the technique of suspending the fetus by the hind limbs can also be tested for a few seconds until it reacts.

The days after delivery will be essential. The veterinarian will have to check the dog and the offspring as soon as possible. For our part, we will pay attention to the good evolution of the mother and the puppies, we will control the weight of the puppies to ensure that they are growing correctly, if there is any eventuality with the dog, we must feed the puppies with a bottle.

Zero to two weeks

During this first stage, just like a baby of the same age, the puppy simply sleeps and breast. But he is able to crawl and when he is cold he knows how to find heat by snuggling with his mother and his brothers. You will open your eyes between 10 and 14 days, but during the following weeks your eyesight will still be weak.

Third week

The teeth start to come out. Learn to walk and drink. Towards the end of the third week the sense of smell will develop. The breeder will cause some stress. It is nothing really alarming, all you will do is pick it up and hold it in different positions. This 'stress' helps the puppy get used to being handled by humans and will help him withstand it better when he grows up.

Responsible Crosses

It seems obvious that Cross to mongrel dogs or not prevent these crosses It is irresponsibility.

Unfortunately, the abandonment of dogs is increasingly happening today. Although breed animals are the best unemployed, animal protectors are saturated with animals mestizosNor are they safe from abandonment.

For this reason we think that one of the breeder's priorities should be to seek puppies A good owner, responsible and honest to attend to the animal and offer a decent life.

To conclude, raise a dog Responsibly entails many obligations, sacrifices and money, especially if we are not experienced breeders.

From mundoAnimalia we greatly respect the good work of many breeders but we are totally against the crosses irresponsible, that do not guarantee the future welfare of the dog and her puppies.

We are of the opinion that in case of any doubt about the ability to assume all the aspects that the breedingBetter not to try, the life and future of the female dog and his litter. If you want to cross your breed dog to have one more puppy for you, we advise you to better contact a trusted breeder. In addition to everything stated in this article, it is not worth taking risks to stay with just one dog. It will also be cheaper.

If you have more questions about this topic you can share them with other users in our forums:

From three to twelve weeks: socialization

This is a crucial period for the development of your puppy, if we want him to become a happy, healthy and balanced dog, he needs to start coming into contact with humans and other dogs and also interacting with the outside.

First phase - from the third to the fifth week: The puppy already reacts to loud sounds. This helps him understand his mother's growls when he wants her to stop breastfeeding. Around four weeks, the senses of hearing, sight and smell already work quite efficiently. He barks, wags his tail and plays with his brothers and sisters. He also begins to take solid foods and leave the nest to make his needs. From the fourth to the fifth week, he chases and can shake his head in games, also teaches his teeth, growls and puts things in his mouth.

Second phase - from the fifth to the eighth week: His face becomes more expressive and his eyes and ears are already more coordinated. He joins his brothers and sisters' games and by the seventh week he is ready to go to his new home. Towards the end of the eighth week he shows signs of curiosity and wants to investigate everything, but at the same time he is cautious.

A week before you take it home, you must have taken it away from your family so that you know and come into full contact with humans, both adults and children. You must also have received at least five minutes of daily attention.

From the sixth to the eighth week, your puppy begins to get used to you and your family and begins to become familiar with the shapes, sounds and smells of your new home. As soon as you cross the threshold of your house, you should start training him.

Third phase - from the eighth to the twelfth week: Your puppy will begin to feel a strong desire to please you while looking for his place in his new family. You will have to start teaching him to play with humans and not to bite while playing.

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