Olive oil, very beneficial for pets


As with humans, olive oil for cats has a number of benefits that these cat owners cannot ignore.

On one occasion we talked about Benefits of olive oil for dogs, but is olive oil good for cats? You already know that both species differ in many aspects, also in what refers to their organism, so what suits one may not be good for the other.


Constipation is an evil that affects cats more than we think. Although there are other antibiotic or homemade remedies, it has been proven that olive oil is a perfect complement to overcome this medical condition.

It can be done by adding half a tablespoon of olive oil to the cat's food so that the feces become loose. In a day or two you should see results. If not, go to the veterinarian, constipation may be caused by other reasons.

Deworming your cat can cause skin damage, Well, fleas and parasites are usually treated with chemicals. The olive oil it will be an ideal relaxing, in addition to the bad smell of these products will disappear.

Clean ears

Feline ears are a focus of infections and mites that can bring serious problems to our pets. To clean them nothing better than moistening a cotton ball with the oil and letting it penetrate the animal's ear.

Remove excess with drained cotton and repeat this operation for several days in case you suspect something happens in your ears or a couple of times a week to keep the mites away.

For the day to day

As olive oil for cats is beneficial, we recommend that you include it in your daily diet because you have already seen how many advantages it has and how improves your inner and outer health. However, keep in mind that quantities should be scrupulously measured.

To give you an idea of ​​how much olive oil your cat can take, here is an orientation:

  • If it weighs less than eight kilos, no more than three tablespoons per week.
  • If it weighs between 8 and 11 kilos, half a tablespoon daily.
  • More than eleven kilos, half a tablespoon a day.

Regardless of the weight and age of your cat, It is recommended not to exceed three tablespoons per week. So yes, although olive oil is beneficial for cats, there are different guidelines on how to consume it. Keep this in mind, but opt ​​for olive oil to improve your cat's health.

How to supply oil to your dog

Size and weightthey are the two great conditions to calculate the dose We have to give to our friend. There are some guidelines:

  • For small dogs (10 kg)> 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil per day.
  • In the case of medium dogs (11 to 30 kg)> 1 teaspoon of olive oil per day.
  • For large dogs (over 30 kg)> 1 tablespoon and a half of olive oil per day.

Among the ways to supply it, we canmix the oil dose with the feed, with their usual homemade diets or with wet food.

Another idea is apply it on a toast of rice flour, for example, or some food that contains a good cereal for the dog. It is not necessary to pass in the diets, because exceeding them can cause diarrhea in our friend.

Long term benefits

The benefits of drinking olive oil are well visible in the mantle Of the dog. Little by little we will see how it looks better, brighter and healthier.

Olive oil is a good dermal regenerator for the drier areas of the dog's skin. Its powerful antioxidant effect nourishes the cells. The inconvenience that we can have if we apply it in some external area of ​​the dog that needs treatment, is that then the can can stain the furniture, the floor, etc.

Cracks to walk

PadsDogs are like their shoes. They have to be tough, but there are times when they can crack or become very rough.

When this happens, A good option to recompose them is to spread with our fingers a little olive oil in the area, once a day, for about a week.

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