HOW LONG A dog's hair lasts


The dog's first menstrual cycle, which arrives with sexual maturity, usually comes between 9 and 12 months of age, although this depends a little on each race. Once it arrives, repeats every 6 months, that is, twice a year.

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The menstruation of the bitches consists of four distinct stages:

  • Proestro: the first stage. It lasts about 9 days, but it can take up to 17 days. The vulva swells and expels a reddish brown flow.
  • Oestrus: the second stage, which lasts on average 9 days, but depending on the dog it can vary between 3 and 21 days. The vulva remains inflamed, but the flow becomes pink or straw colored.
    In this phase, the hormones favor ovulation, beginning the phase of receptivity towards males.
  • Right handed: hard between 50 and 80 days depending on each bitch. At this stage, the dog's body reacts as if she were pregnant, with the risk of her falling into a psychological pregnancy.
  • Anestro: the last phase and also the longest, since it can last between 130 and 250 days. Some breeds, such as basenji, have very long anestro cycles and therefore only menstruate once a year instead of two.

Signs that the menstruation of the bitches arrives

You will know that your dog has entered the menstruation process when you see:

  • Changes in your mood.
  • Puffy nipples: It does not always happen, but it is usual. It also happens in cases of psychological pregnancy.
  • The males are interested in her, which detect this phase of fertility by smelling its hormones.
  • Inflammation of the vulva: The level of inflammation varies greatly from one dog to another. While some are barely noticeable, others can reach the size of a golf ball.
  • Vaginal bleeding: the most obvious symptom of menstruation of bitches, always occurs.

The symptoms They depend on many factors, such as the breed or size of your dog, so sometimes they may not be so obvious. If you have questions about whether your dog is going through this cycle, consult your veterinarian.

Care during menstruation of female dogs

The menstruation of the bitches can be a somewhat annoying stage, especially the first time. If you want to help her pass it in the best possible way, this is what you can do:

  • If your dog is in her fertile cycle, It is important that you watch it well, especially if you don't want her to get pregnant. If he escapes or walks without a leash, Any dog ​​could ride it and leave it pregnant.
  • It is very possible that you find your dog with a little altered, tired or sore mood. Be patient and give much love.
  • Avoid bathing your dog while there is bleeding, you could cause a vaginal infection.
  • Beware of Brucellosis: It is a very contagious bacterial disease that can cause an abortion or produce sterility in dogs. It is treated with antibiotics, but it is best to prevent. There are vaccines for this, but the best prevention method is to castrate dogs.
  • If you want to cross your dog to have babies. You'll have to take her to the vet. You will have cytology and other tests to find out if it is the best time, that is, ovulation.
  • If you do not want your dog to have menstruation or offspring, consider sterilizing her. There are different ways to do it, have you seen our article? Ask your veterinarian what is best for her.

Did you know how the menstruation of the bitches works?


Rocío Arequipa says

Hello, please, can you help me? I have a 5-year-old husky dog, my fat woman is great, her jealousy has always lasted up to 31 days, the bleeding is abundant, she has had 2 litters a year and a half and the other just 6 months ago and I worried because lasts a zeal 3 weeks

Reynalda Alegria says

Hello, my dog ​​is chased by dogs, I thought about the zeal, but they are two months old and still no. It is normal??

Miguel Guzmán says

It may be because she gives off a particularly attractive smell to them, even if she is not in heat. You can take it to the vet to see if it gives you any solution, and also wash it more often, to mask that smell a bit and not be chased so much.

Yanexsi Martinez says

Hello, my dog ​​had her puppies in October, gave birth to 6 machitos and now in February she is in heat again, is that nolmar?

How is the zeal of a dog?

To know how long a dog's zeal lasts before we have to know what her dog is like oestrus, which will begin towards six months of life, although there are variations depending on the size. Female dogs usually have two periods of heat each year. The estrous cycle is divided into the following phases, of which the proestro and estrus are considered as the heat period:

  1. Proestro: This phase is characterized by the emission, through the vulva, of a bloody liquid. The color may vary between pink and yellow. The vulva will be swollen. Also occur pheromones that attract males, although the dog at first will not be receptive to the ride. As soon as I accept it, we will move on to the next phase.
  2. Oestrus: also receives the name of receptive zeal, so he will conclude when the dog rejects the male again. The secretion in this period is rosacea. In estrus the ovulation and it is a dog's fertile days, so the dog could get pregnant if a ride takes place.
  3. Right handed: begins when the female refuses to mate. The male also loses interest. If the dog is in a state, this period will end with the delivery.
  4. Anestro: It is characterized by sexual inactivity, which concludes with the beginning of a new cycle, re-entering the dog in proestro.

Symptoms of a dog's first heat

The first heat of a bitch can appear from the six months old. It will be delayed in larger breeds and can be advanced in smaller ones. Their symptoms will always be the same throughout the entire reproductive life of the dog, which usually lasts until approximately ten years old.

The symptoms of the first heat of a dog that we will have to attend to identify this period will be the following:

  • Bloody secretion from the vulva that will acquire different shades.
  • Swelling and softening of the vulva.
  • Un castrated males will show an obvious interest in the dog.
  • At the beginning of this phase the dog will reject the males, sitting if they try to ride her, pulling away, growling or trying to bite.
  • On the other hand, in the end, it will accept the mating and will show it by lifting the tail, moving it to the side, raising the pelvis and presenting the vulva if you notice a touch in the back area.

It is likely that at this stage we wonder how to drive dogs from a dog in heat. Next we will detail how long a dog's zeal lasts.

How long does a dog's bleeding last?

Explained the characteristics of this period, we will now detail how long the first heat of a dog lasts, although we must know that this initial heat could present irregularities. About six months later, if we have not sterilized as recommended, the dog will have a second heat and, repeating the same pattern, the following, usually two a year.

The time in which a dog is in heat is as follows:

  • Proestro: this initial phase lasts a average of 9 days, although it can range between 3 and 17. During the first 4-5 days it is when the female still shows no interest in mating.
  • Oestrus: this second phase has a duration of between 7-9 days, with a variation of between 2-20.

Can you cut the jealousy of a dog?

Seeing how long a dog's zeal lasts, it is likely that some caregivers have an interest in knowing what are the contraceptive methods for dogs. The vet could administer drugs to achieve this, but it is important that we know that these have important side effects, such as breast tumors or uterine infections. In addition, the dog must first go through a veterinary examination so that its use is safe and it must be clear that, a few months later, the dog will go back into heat.

Therefore, interrupting a dog's heat with medication may be a timely solution for an emergency, but should not be used as a permanent contraceptive method. That's what the sterilization, a definitive and safe method. Our veterinarian will tell us in detail about all the advantages of sterilizing a dog. Bitches can be sterilized before the first heat.

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The dog's first zeal

The arrival of the first heat is an indicator of the appearance of sexual maturity And it can vary greatly depending on the size of the dog. In general, we can observe that it occurs in the following months of life:

  • Small dogs: between 6 and 12 months
  • Medium and large dogs: between 7 and 13 months
  • Giant dogs: between 16 and 24 months

Jealousy is an indicator that the dog is sexually receptive, however, we must remember that the arrival of heat does not mean that a dog is ready for pregnancy. At this stage it is considered that he is still "young" because of what he is in development. Gestation does not allow this stage to be completed correctly, besides there are many risks of complications in childbirth.

How often does zeal occur?

Generally, the dog's zeal appears twice a year, every six months, approximately. Keep in mind that this period is variable in each bitch and may be affected by age or health status. There are bitches that experience a single zeal a year. Whenever you have doubts or observe any anomaly, go to your trusted veterinarian.

1. Proestro

This stage can be somewhat complicated to detect at times, especially in those bitches that produce a little heavy bleeding. It usually lasts between 3 and 17 days and at this stage the dog not fertile.

We can observe an inflamed vulva that gives off bloody secretion, more or less diluted. The dog can lick the vagina regularly and be anxious to leave the home. In some cases they experience sexual behaviors similar to the mountain.

The fertile stage, also known as estrus, occurs after the proestro, at which point the dog is receptive to the mount. It lasts similar to the previous stage, approximately 3 to 17 days.

At this time of the cycle it is very common for your dog's character to change. She will be especially affectionate and predisposed, restless and eager to leave. On the street you can get to stop to attract the males in the area and urinate many more times, trying to leave all possible pheromones.

The first stage of estrus is the most fertile days of the dog, so you should pay close attention if you do not want an unwanted pregnancy.

The duration of the right hand can vary between 60 and 100 days. That will depend directly on whether fertilization has existed or not, in which case it will occur the gestation, childbirth and breastfeeding. At this stage the dog rejects the ride, eats abundantly and its character stabilizes.

Due to the genital stimulation that can occur in the vagina or in the breasts, if the dog has not become pregnant, she can develop a psychological pregnancy, directly related to her high hormonal production.

In the case of pregnant dogs, the right hand ends with the birth, giving way to the anestrus, the period of sexual inactivity. On the other hand, bitches that have not been fertilized will show any obvious sign of the passage from the previous phase to this.

It usually lasts about 130 days and helps the dog to have a rest stage after childbirth so that her body can recover properly. After this time, the non-fertile bleeding that we mentioned at the beginning, the proestro, will occur again.

How long does a dog's zeal last?

The duration of a female's heat can vary depending on her size, age or health status. Generally hard between 15 and 21 days, but in some cases it can be almost non-existent as well as in others very abundant.

Do not forget that during estrus, that is, after half of the heat in dogs, conception is possible. If you do not want a pregnancy, do not hesitate to follow our advice to drive away dogs from your dog in heat.

Panties for the dog's zeal

In the market you will find all kinds of products for the zeal of the dog that will help you keep your home clean. Generally used hot panties, in addition to compresses that you must change on a regular basis for proper hygiene.

When is the time>

Sometimes the fertile process and zeal of the dog is annoyance of all kinds, both for her and for us. Although it is not an easy decision we must think about sterilizing our pet for an improvement of your health and behavior among others.

Remember that if we sterilize our dog before her first heat, we already considerably reduce the appearance of various types of cancer. In addition, it is a solidarity option with the number of abandoned dogs that exist in the world, greatly reducing the chances of our dog getting pregnant. In ExpertAnimal we always want to highlight the benefits of sterilization in dogs.

The date indicated will always be recommended by our veterinarian, but in general, the ideal time to sterilize a dog is around the second heat.

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