How to gain the trust of a cat?


Hi, I have three kittens to give at home. but two of them are very aggressive, both with dogs and with people, I have never seen cats so violent, they growl, they make violent noises and anything that serves to keep people or other animals away. I also have "mother cat" and if someone knows how to tolerate dogs, it would be great, because it is very cute but hates dogs and transforms into a violent cat when it sees one. She comes from a house where she has had to defend herself from dogs that were chasing her, and she is very protective of her kittens.

I do not know if I did wrong, but I separated the cat and the meek kitten in one room, and left the other two in another (so that when they take the food out, and do not hide under the bed or behind the mother)

Does anyone know how I can do, or what book can I read?

Thank you, and happy holidays.

By the way, they are beautiful. I'm in love, but my aunt wants to be alone with the cat, so she can castrate her. :C

This is the meek cat, a deworming and vaccine and is ready to be part of some family. The others are going to take me months.

Understand your way of being

Cats tend to be slower learning than dogs and also react more slowly to rewards. Therefore, arm yourself with patience and, above all, understand your cat's way of being.

Never force him to do something, since he It is selfish by nature, so if you do not understand that you will get something beneficial in the act you will not do what you want. Even so, it may not always react as you expect. If you are calm, not very loud and also not very insistent, it is possible that the animal reacts in a more favorable way.

Give it a safe place

The animal You should feel that it is important in your life, that you have given everything you need for your well-being and that you have a safe place in which to be. If you feel safe in your home, you will feel safe by your side. How to achieve this?

Give him a room or space that he knows is his alone. Put your litter box in a private place, where you can hide to do your little things without feeling observed. Do not force him to leave if at some point he is in a hidden place and you cannot see him.

Having shelves and high places to climb to is essential for him, he must be part of his space and home. A scraper with tall towers to climb at any time will help you feel at home.

Give him water and food

It may seem silly to remind you of this, but water and food are basic necessities of cats that you should always cover. If you don't, even at some point (before you have earned their trust), I could hold a grudge against you.

When you put food on it the first few times where you are at home, say your name gently while you do it and, when it comes, caress it before you start eating. So, You can associate the food with you, your sweet voice and your caresses. Everything nice!

Relax it when it is stressed

Cats are nervous, curious and distrustful by nature. Therefore, to gain the trust of a cat, an important factor is knowing soothe it when stress reaches unsuspected limits.

Although soft words and pampering help,You can help yourself with synthetic pheromones that will help you manage stress. If your cat tends to be nervous, distribute them around the house with the help of diffusers similar to those used for air fresheners. Put them especially in the places where your cat spends more time.

Avoid eye contact

Although we love being looked into our eyes, cats see it as a challenging attitude. The best thing, at the beginning, is that you look the other way so as not to make your cat nervous.

If you have glasses, take them off when you are with him, and they will see your eyes too big through them, and you may not only panic, but this gesture will take you away from you.

These are some tips you can put into practice To gain the trust of a cat. And you'll see how little by little, your kitty will be looking for your love and pampering.

Respect your security space

Stray cats, like any other animal including humans, have their own safety space that will be greater the less contact with humans they have had. For this reason, when we decided to take care of a group of felines that live on the street during the first few times we will have to avoid approaching them, and we should not even look at them for a long time since otherwise they might feel intimidated.

Feed them each day at the same time

Without saying anything or making sudden movements, present yourself in the place every day at about the same time with a feeder (or several, if there are many cats that live in that area) full of food. Leave it / s on the ground and stay a few meters away. Surely the hairy do not take long to eat.

Do so for two or three weeks. After that time, you can stop being hidden, but it will be necessary for you to continue being away from them for another time.

Come closer little by little

Don't hurry to get your trust. You have to know that there are some cats that, even if they come to trust you, they won't let you take them in your arms. The relationship you can have with them will usually be based on feeding and caressing only when they are pampered.

In addition, it is very important to gradually approach and step back when they feel insecure and / or intend to flee.

Speak the cat language

No, it's not about you becoming a cat 🙂, but that you behave as such. As you want to gain the trust of a feline, what to do is the following:

  • Blink slowly when you see them: two, three times in the morning and another two-three in the afternoon for example. That way you will be telling them that they can feel safe with you.
  • Stay away when they feel nervous: or bend over so that their fears disappear.
  • Pet them when they least expect it: during the meal for example. They have to be soft, slow and brief caresses.
  • Take a rope to play: show it, especially to the youngest ones, so that they have an interest in it.

With these tips, you will surely be accepted in your group.

1. Allow time for it to adapt

Whenever there is a change, such as a move, the departure of a relative or a new experience, it will be essential to leave some time for our feline so that adapt to this situation. It is important that we never force you to do something you do not want, that we force you to leave a site if it is hidden or that we press you excessively.

The cat will advance when he sitssureFor this reason we recommend that you generally leave time and do not press to prevent it from blocking. Obviously we do not refer to emergency situations or specific moments, such as when you go to the veterinarian.

2. Have him associate your presence in a positive way

Your cat will have more desire to spend time with you if you associate your presence in a positive way. How? If every time you appear the experiences are good, that is, receive food, playtime or caresses, as time passes your cat will associate that with your arrival only nice things happen for him.

On the contrary, if when you arrive everything is full of noises and stressful situations for him, the association he will have towards you will be rather negative. Strive to have your cat have a good time with you every day and you'll see how you start earning their trust.

3. Avoid punishment

The use of punishment will not only make your cat associate you negatively, it will also increase its levels of stress and anxiety, will make you appear insecure or inhibited and, in general, will worsen your relationship. The ideal when educating a cat is to bet on reinforcing positive behaviors and, when behavioral problems appear, seek the causes and help of a professional or experts in the field.

4. Perform daily game sessions

The game is an activity that you should do daily with your cat. It is important to improve your link, but also to stimulate your mind Y enrich your day to day. In the market we will find toys of all kinds, such as fishing rods or toy mice, however, we recommend you go one step further and look mental stimulation toys, such as kong, or toys that encourage you to exercise and also improve your reflexes.

5. Offer all your affection

Cats are not always grateful to those who care for and protect them and, at times, they can show themselves very badly in certain situations. However, expressing affection in an indisputable way, whether through kisses, caresses or kind words is a good way to get him to accept us.

Further, understand feline nature itself, be patient and show us constant in this search for friendship, it is essential if we want to strengthen ties with our cat and gain your trust.

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