The best home remedies to eliminate ticks in dogs



There are times when a dog has ticks and medications cannot be used to eliminate them. Above all, when it comes to puppies that have not yet been vaccinated because they do not reach the appropriate age for this, it is not recommended to use chemicals to eliminate parasites such as fleas or ticks. Therefore, a good way to free our dog from them is to go to natural remedies.

It is very important to eliminate your dog's ticks since they are insects that carry diseases such as Lyme, common in dogs, which can cause ailments such as:

- Changes in your dog's skin.

- Appearance of fever and discomfort in the dog.

Ticks usually live in areas with tall grasses or bushes, therefore, if you have taken your dog for a walk in parks or forests with this type of vegetation, examine his body when he returns home since it is likely that he has been infected with Ticks

Normally, when these parasites jump to our dog to establish themselves as guests they have a small size that grows as they feed on the blood of our dog. Ideally, identify them when they are small, since it is much easier to eliminate them with home remedies. But if we see them when they are old, you should remove them with the help of tweezers.

One of the best remedies to eliminate a dog's ticks is chamomile. Prepare a chamomile tea - the ideal is that it is natural - let it warm, take a clean cotton or cloth, introduce it into the infusion, drain it and apply it all over your dog's skin carefully. You will see how immediately the ticks begin to flee the animal.

Remember that it is very important that you disinfect the home to eliminate all traces of this parasite. Any do not work, since there are a number of plants toxic to dogs.

Ticks do not like the taste of citrus fruits, so this is another perfect natural remedy to eliminate them. With them we can prepare a homemade repellent, so you should get a sprayer. The best citrus is lemon, but you can also use oranges or any other. To make this home remedy you must boil half a liter of water with two cut lemons. When it reaches the boiling point, leave it for a minute. Then, lower the heat to a minimum and leave it for an hour. After time, let it cool, put it in the sprayer and apply the product on your dog, taking care not to get it in the eyes.

You can also spray the corners of your house to disinfect ticks.

Apple cider vinegar is another of the home remedies that hate ticks. The vinegar is composed of acetic acid, the element responsible for the vinegar has that sour taste and also becomes an ideal remedy to eliminate ticks. To carry out this home remedy, you just have to mix water and this vinegar in equal parts, wet a clean cloth or cotton with the mixture, drain it and moisten your animal's skin with it gently and very carefully.

If you see the tick on the body of your dog, you should know that you can also try to extract them with the help of your own fingers or some special tweezers that you can acquire at a veterinarian. To remove the dog's ticks it is advisable that you wear gloves to prevent it from sticking to our skin.

When we get the tick up, we must disinfect the area with iodine to heal any wound that could have caused this insect in the dog.

To keep your dog protected from ticks, it is recommended that you buy a good collar that is repellent to these types of parasites, as well as provide the pipette that will be supplied by your veterinarian.

In addition to eliminating ticks, these home remedies are ideal to prevent them if your dog is prone to them. The most advisable thing is that you apply a little of one of these remedies in your legs when you take it for a walk, if you do it for places where tall grasses are found, the place where these parasites are found.

What is a tick?

The Ixodoid popularly known as tick, it is a hematophobic ectoparasite It belongs to the mite family. Translated to the Christian, The tick is a parasite that feeds on blood and is a carrier of numerous infectious diseases.

Ticks stick to the dog and feed on their blood, greatly increasing its size. The ideal is to examine our dog daily, since it will be much easier to eliminate a tick when I have been parasitizing our little dog for a short time. Since ticks may not show symptoms during the first few days, you may not realize that you are infected until it is too late. That is why surveillance and prevention are so important.

If you notice that your dog scratches too much, is more decayed than usual or has some discomfort, it is very likely that you are infected by a tick.


Prepare a conventional chamomile and let it stand until it reaches a warm temperature. Next, dip a rag in the infusion and drain it well until it is wet, but not soaked. Subsequently, apply chamomile with the cloth on your pet's skin.

This infusion gives off a natural smell that repels ticks and, in addition, it will protect your dog's skin thanks to its medicinal properties.

Any citrus will serve to keep ticks away during a good season For example, if you have a lemon, you should detach the skin and bring it to a boil. Once it reaches the boil, you should strain the water and let it cool for a few minutes. When it has reached a suitable temperature, we will apply the liquid on the skin of our dog with a damp cloth.

Be careful with the eyes and any hole!

Garlic powder

Garlic orally is very effective in eliminating hateful ticks. Since it can be dangerous for you to eat raw garlic, ideally give garlic powder sprinkled on other foods. It will be enough if you apply a small teaspoon for every kilo of food ingested.

Olive oil

The remedy is as simple as apply a drop of natural olive oil on the tick, wait for it to act and remove it with a clamp. The oil will cause the tick to die within a few minutes, so it will be much easier to extract it. Remember to be delicate throughout the process.

It is applied in exactly the same way as olive oil. Vaseline will drown the tick and it will be easier to extract a few minutes later. It is important that you apply it gently so as not to harm your puppy.