Cut hair to a Maltese bichon


The Maltese is a dog that has a white, soft and long coat that gives it an adorable appearance, which added to its affectionate and sociable character has made it one of the most beloved breeds for all.

And since he also loves being the center of attention, taking care of him is always a pleasure. But since he is a puppy we will have to accustom him to the brushing routine and, also, to the scissors, because otherwise the poor animal could not see normally. Therefore, we tell you how to cut hair to a Maltese bichon.

Products you need to cut your Bichon Maltese's hair

To cut your hair correctly you have to prepare a series of things that will be very useful, which are:

  • Scissors: to cut your hair is what you will need most. In no case can you use blades or other elements.
  • Wipes for dogs: essential to clean the area near the tear, nose and mouth.
  • Shampoo and conditioner: Especially advisable are shampoos for white-haired dogs, as they will serve to enhance the color giving it shine and health.

How to cut your hair?

If it is a puppy, you have to cut the hair with scissors keeping it short, with a minimum length of 3 centimeters. By doing it this way, you will prevent it from growing curly. On the contrary, if you are an adult you can opt for:

  • Leave it long: So you just have to trim the hairs of the eyes and snout.
  • Combine long hair with short hair: for example, keeping the face with short hair, and the rest of the body long.

Bichon Maltese hair care tips

To always look handsome, It is very important that you take a bath a month using a dog shampoo. You also have to brush it daily in order to prevent the formation of knots.

Do not hesitate to put clips or hair bands to prevent them from covering your eyes. Thus, you will have a beautiful Maltese Bichon 🙂.

What do I need to cut my Bichon Maltese's hair

To start, before getting to work with the care and cutting of Maltese hair you will need a series of products so that the result is the best possible:

    Scissors: We must always cut hair with them, never with blades or other elements. They will be useful>

What should you consider before cutting

You have to know several things before wanting to take care of the hair of our Maltese bichon:

  • The Maltese Bichon It has no sublayer of hair, so we must be delicate so that tangles do not occur. We can also assess that it will not leave hairs all over the house.
  • Brushing Maltese with long hair should be daily and for those who wear short hair a minimum of twice a week, it is a hair that gets tangled with easy>

    Types of Maltese Bichon Cut

    There lies largely the charm of the Maltese Bichon, the cuts that we can make depend on our ingenuity and enthusiasm, because following some basic guidelines we can make many different hairstyles. Both keeping long hair, opting for short hair or leaving some part longer than the other the Maltese bichon Fits all types of hairstyles and styles.

    It is very important to always keep in mind that we should not cut the hair completely, since it is a natural layer of protection and could get sick quickly.


    • The puppy hairstyle: it tends to be as short as possible and should always be done with scissors, maintaining a minimum hair length of 3 centimeters to prevent it from growing curly and losing the original shape.

    Although we consider that short hair is the most suitable for him, we must always take care to maintain that minimum measure of 3 centimeters.

    • Helong hair: if we let the hair grow it will end up showing a really impressive and silky smooth. It is the other common and typical hairstyle of Bichon Maltese in beauty pageants. We must let it grow and brush daily as well as maintain daily hygiene care in the area of ​​eyes, nose and mouth to avoid common brown spots. Many professionals dry their hair with a hair dryer and brush to keep it even more spectacular.
    • Other types of cut: In addition to the typical we can also combine the length with the short, for example, keeping the body length with a puppy-style face. We can be very creative and we should cut our hair as we like, as long as we don't shear our dog completely.

    He use of clips, hair bands and other elements It is advisable to prevent hairs ending up in the eyes or other holes disturbing you and hindering your routine activities.

    We recommend that before practicing yourself You go to the dog groomer and observe its techniques and recommendations to avoid improper cutting.

    Drying and brushing the Maltese bichon

    Once the end of the process of care and cutting the hair of the Maltese bichon comes, it is time to dry and brush. For this we will use:

      Dryer: the dryer greatly facilitates drying, achieves a better result and is faster>

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    Cut the hair to a Maltese bichon

    Good morning, I have a 7 month old Maltese bichon, and I wanted to know if I can cut my hair (I would take it to a professional) or I have to wait for it to be older. I have been told by several people who have this breed of hair that it is convenient to wait until I am 9 months old. I have also been told that it is not good to cut your hair when the heat comes because they have very clear skin because it can burn. Could you inform me of this subject? Thank you

    It is recommended that you begin to have contact with the hairdresser from an early age so that you get used to it and so that we can also keep your hair healthy and free of knots.
    The recommendation we make is that in case you want to cut your hair, you can do it both in summer and winter, always with scissors, we do not recommend the use of a machine and also leave a reasonable length to protect your skin.

    Simple tips and techniques

    The first task is to make sure you have the right equipment and supplies on hand.

    Supply List

    • Toilet scissors
    • Shampoo
    • Conditioner
    • Towel
    • Tweezers
    • Scissors
    • Cotton balls
    • Detangling spray

    Maltese Bichon Haircuts

    He has beautiful white hair.

    While these pets look adorable with long hair, they do require an occasional cut or hairstyle to match the hair.

    Also, sometimes their owners may want to keep their hair shorter for comfort.

    The ease of maintenance is usually the reason that many pet owners choose haircuts such as the puppy cut for their dogs.

    It is quite easy and you can do it at home.

    You should make sure that your pet is in a nice standing position or lying down so you can start removing hair from the back.

    Start with the use of scissors to trim the hair about half an inch and then use this length to guide you through the rest of the puppy or dog's hair.

    You can move to the rear, but leave the tail plume intact, since it is generally not trimmed in the Maltese breed.

    If your dog feels comfortable lying on his back, it will be comfortable to trim the stomach and chest areas, but most are contrary to this position.

    So you can leave the dog standing and carefully trim the area around its genitals and stomach.

    Reducing hair in that area is advantageous to keep your pet fresh, especially in summer.

    You can finish the cut by trimming around the head and ears.

    Many Maltese pet owners choose to leave their hair on their heads for longer.

    If you decide to do so, remember to trim the hair around the nose and eyes.

    Make sure the hair is trimmed evenly and looks sophisticated.

    A short haircut

    A great guide on how to prepare a Maltese for haircut and how to do it with groomer trimmers, including the size of trimmers to use where.

    The hairdresser directs his advice to professional veterinary hairdressers, but they apply equally to anyone who makes their own haircuts at home.

    The hairdresser makes a good point by emphasizing the need to remove all tangles before starting the trimming process.

    I am sure you would have already experienced the ease with which you can entangle a Maltese's hair.

    It's nice to see the smooth result that the hairdresser easily achieves with his clippers while following the contours of the dog's body.

    Use a number of clipper combs of different sizes.

    Make good use of a harness on the grooming table. This makes cutting work much lighter since its Maltese bichon feels very well supported.

    The standard cut

    Here is the only haircut accepted by the Maltese bichon breed standard and one of the best Maltese hairstyles that exist!

    The dog show and exhibition cut evokes connotations of glamor and prestige and is the best style if you want to show off your dog in a competition.

    The right team can make a big difference.

    Separate the hair straight from the back.

    Brush it on each side (hair should be hanging to the feet).

    If the hair is too long and touches the floor, a quick cut may be necessary!

    Be careful: the hair must be long enough to hide the toes of the legs to compete.

    This is a good finishing touch: keep your hair out of your pet's eyes with a bow of your choice!

    Scissor cutting

    This is one of those Maltese haircuts that are fully customizable!

    Scissor cutting is much more flexible than sample cutting, and it is quite simple.

    You can decide the type of style you want your dog to have.

    Cut the hair of your dog's body to create a short and choppy style.

    You only need scissors to achieve this look, which is essentially the canine equivalent of going to the hairdresser to make an ornament.

    Without complications, without problems, just a good cleaning that will make your dog look perfect.

    Korean cut

    The Korean cut has grown in popularity in recent times, and although it is a bit more complicated than some of the others on our list (like the simple scissors cut), you can still do it at home.

    You will need some good clippers to do this:

    Start in the middle of the back.

    Gently shave the hair until it reaches the waist.

    You will also want to use thinning scissors to mix facial hair under the snout.

    Maltese Teddy Bear Cut

    The teddy bear cut is a much shorter style than the Korean cut, in which the side and back hairs are trimmed to 0.8 cm but anywhere else it is left almost as it is.

    You should cut around the face to create an appearance that resembles a child's teddy bear.

    This modern teddy bear cut for the Maltese results in the hair on the top of the head being long enough to turn it into a bun.

    Legs and fluffy feet

    This is one of those Maltese haircuts that will dazzle the judges!

    Start by brushing your dog's hair before cutting around the feet.

    Make sure the scissors are parallel to the hard surface you are using.

    This style is elegant and clean.

    At what age can I start cutting my Maltese bichon puppy's hair?

    Officially, it is better to wait until your new puppy is 8 weeks old and can leave his mother.

    Once the puppy has been introduced to its new home and has established relationships with the new owner, they can think of a haircut for Maltese bichon.

    We recommend starting at 12 weeks of age. The first grooming appointment is an introduction to the puppy and the owner.

    The puppy can be introduced to a bath, drying, nail trimming and light trimming.

    We do not recommend that a puppy be given a full haircut the first time it is washed.

    The reason behind this is that you are forcing the puppy to sit still and be driven for 1.5 hours.

    This is a lot ask a puppy.

    It would be like asking a one-year-old baby to sit without moving, go to the bathroom or play with any toy for 45 minutes.

    It is for this reason that we only do the basics for first-time puppies.

    We bathe them, dry them slowly, trim the nails, trim the fur around their eyes, pads and around the sanitary area.

    The puppy will be introduced to have scissors around the face, having to remain still while the pads of his feet are trimmed.

    Depending on how the puppy reacts to the first grooming, we can recommend this type of trimming once more before the complete haircut.

    The more comfortable the puppy feels with the handling of the hairdresser and on a table, and in the tub, the better the puppy will become as they grow.

    What can you do to help?

    It becomes more difficult to prepare a puppy that is 6 months old for the first time than one of 12 weeks.

    The 6 month old has already established a relationship and experience with fears and aggressions.

    For example, it would be like taking your 5-year-old son and putting him in a kindergarten without the discipline and experience of a preschool and making them stand still and raise their hands only when the teacher requests it.

    At this point in the life of a puppy, if the owner has not prepared it with any type of grooming, brushing, combing, or cutting of nails, it makes the work of hairdressers almost impossible.