My cat cries an eye, what is happening?


Although cats can also feel sadness and pain, the cause of your tears are not the feelings. Many times we have seen our cats with excessive tearing and we have not known if it is normal or not.

Normally it is not anything to worry about and cleaning your eyes a bit solves the problem, but depending on the color of the tears, the state of the eye and the duration of tearing we can know what is happening to our cat and How to act

If you have ever wondered Why do my cat's eyes cry? And you don't know the cause or how to act, keep reading this Expert Animal article in which we explain what may be happening to your furry friend.

Foreign object in the eye

If your cat's tears are clear and you see that his eye is healthy, that is, he is not flushed and there seems to be no ulcer, it may be that he simply have something inside that is irritating you, like a speck of dust or a hair. The eye will try to expel it naturally producing an excess of tears.

That I have to do?This type of tearing does not usually need treatment, you have to let the eye itself get rid of its annoying inhabitant. If you want you can dry the tears that fall with a soft and absorbent paper, but nothing more.

In case the problem lasts for more than one day you should take it to the veterinarian, since this type of tearing should only last a few hours.

Tear blocked or epiphora

The tear duct is a tube located at one end of the eye that causes tears to flow to the nose. When it is blocked there is an excess of tears that fall down the face. With the hair and the constant moisture produced by tearing it cause skin irritations and infections.

The tear can be blocked by different problems, such as an infection, eyelashes that grow inward or a scratch. In addition, cats with flat faces are prone to epiphorae, such as the Persians. This problem usually causes, in addition, the darkening of the area and the appearance of a scab around the eye

That I have to do? In most cases there is no need for treatment since the cat can coexist perfectly with the blocked tear, unless it has vision problems. In this case, the cat must be taken to the veterinarian and it is he who decides what to do. If it is caused by an infection, the tears will be yellowish and the professional will decide if antibiotics or anti-inflammatories are given. When it is a tab that is growing inwards, it must be removed by a simple operation.

Cats can suffer allergies, just like people. And, in the same way, they can be produced by anything, be it dust, pollen, etc. In addition to some symptoms such as cough, sneezing or itchy nose, among others, the allergy also causes ocular discharge.

That I have to do? If you think that the origin of the tearing of your cat may be an allergy and you do not know what it is due to, you should take it to the veterinarian to do the corresponding tests.


If your cat's tearing is yellowish or greenish it indicates that there are some complications that are more difficult to treat. Although it can be simply an allergy or a cold, it is often a symptom of an infection.

That I have to do? Sometimes we get scared and we don't stop wondering why my cat's eyes cry. Keep calm, remove from the environment everything that can irritate your eyes and take it to the vet to decide if you need antibiotics.

This article is purely informative, at we have no power to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian in case he presents any type of condition or discomfort.

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What is the reason why my cat cries an eye

In the event that it is only one eye that tears, it can be a simple irritation caused by an external element. The most common are:

  • The dust spots, including the sand of your sandbox.
  • He shampoo, if you've bathed it recently.
  • A sliver.
  • Plants or flowers that expel pollen.
  • Their own scratching nails.
  • A sprayer.

Remedies to cure feline tearing

Faced with the problem, The first thing you should do is clean your cat's eye. To do this, you can use some of the human remedies.

Take a sterile gauze and add physiological serum or, If you prefer, chamomile. Never use cotton: it can leave lint in your eyes.

Try to make the gauze wet, but not soaked, because the liquid could perhaps harm your cat even more. If you don't want to take a risk, ask your veterinarian for a special animal moisturizer.

Go cleaning gently from the tear to the outside. With these movements you can get that annoying element that has been introduced in your pet's eye.

It is very important that you look at the tears that you clean. If they are transparent, there is no problem, but if you notice that they are thick and yellow The situation is different. Maybe a wound has been caused That must be cured.

Whether this is the case, as if despite the cleanliness your cat keeps crying constantly, You must go to the vet.

My cat's eyes don't stop crying

‘My cat cries an eye ... and does not stop!’. This can happen to you even if you have cleaned it. Then We may face another more serious problem.

That constant tearing is called ocular epiphora And it can be caused by various reasons. The veterinarian will be responsible for clarifying which one affects your cat.

On the one hand, it could be an allergic reaction. Think about whether you have introduced a new product at home that has caused this discomfort since its entry.

For another, Perhaps your pet has some malformation in the eyelid (entropion) or affected the tear. In some cat breeds it is very common for the tear to be clogged frequently (as in the Persians). If this is your case, you should pay more attention and clean your eyes more regularly.

It could also be a more serious case of ulcer. Your veterinarian will advise you at all times what should be done and the most recommended for your furry friend.

Do not worry! If the cause is discovered with time it will have a solution. Don't lose heart and Do not overlook any symptoms of tearing in your cat.

I want to do it

Question: My cat is crying what does it mean?

Cats don't cry like us. In other words, they do not shed tears when they feel pain or are sick. These symptoms vocalize them with meows and behavioral changes such as hiding under the bed or in the darkest corner of the closet.

That's why when you notice tears in your cat's eyes it is normal to worry. What indicates if it is something temporary or serious is the color of the tear and the state of the eye.

Clear tears: If your cat is tearing but her tears are clear, the eye is not red and shows no signs of ulcers or lacerations, the answers to the problem may be:

• Has a particle of dust or hair in the eye that bothers you and is expelling it naturally. Instead of using our hands as we would do, the pussy uses his tears to relieve his discomfort. This process should not last more than a few hours.

Treatment: Normally you don't need one. But if you want to help him, carefully pass a soft absorbent paper over the area to collect the tears. BUT if the problem persists for more than one day, take it to the vet.

• Epiphora or tear blocked. The tear duct consists of a tube placed in the corner of the eye that directs the tears to the nose preventing them from going out through the eye. But when it is blocked, excess tears fall down the face.

The mixture of hair and moisture is ideal for the spread of infections and skin irritations. Sometimes it is accompanied by redness of the area and creation of scab around the eye.

The causes of the blockage are many, but the most common are:
• The result of some past infection such as conjunctivitis that leaves the eye weakened
• Any injury caused by cat fights
• Eyelashes that grow inward
• Breed cats with flattened faces such as the Persians are more susceptible to the problem.

Excess tears fall on your skin leaving a reddish mark from the inner corner of the eye to the nose.

Epiphora treatment: It will depend on the cause of the blockage. Normally it is not treated if it has no vision problems. But if the cause is a current infection or inflammation, the veterinarian will decide between a treatment with anti inflammatory or antibiotics. If the problem is an eyelash that grows upside down into the eye, it will be removed with surgery.

Tears with color: Now if the secretions have yellowish or greenish tones the results may indicate more difficult problems to control such as:
• Have an allergy or cold
• It is a symptom of infection

To improve any of these symptoms it is necessary to take it to the veterinarian. Keep in mind that diseases in your eyes can change rapidly and become serious problems that include blindness. An antibiotic prescribed on time can save your cat's eye. Dont wait.

How to avoid tearing: The most efficient way is to eliminate from your environment the causes that irritate your eyes whether they are allergens, plants or dust. Also keeping your face dry will prevent moisture from becoming an infection.

What does it mean that a cat really cries? Keep reading and we'll explain what happens to cats when they shed real tears.

By Shantale Carrera

Like many living things, cats also emit sounds to show what they need and what they want: meow. Even sometimes they seem to scream like humans. The meowing of cats is important to them because only then they let us know that there is something that happens to them and they are clear that there are things that do not depend on them.

But what happens if a tear is suddenly spilled from those that do fall (which Japanese cartoon)? We tell you what it means for you to learn to differentiate your ways of crying and know what you should do.

Remember that cats do not cry like humans with tears of sadness. They cry using vocal sounds. So when there is a presence of tears, you have to be alert and look carefully at what type they are. If they do not have color and look crystalline, it is temporary, but if they are colored and your eye does not look good, you have to take it to the veterinarian.

Here are three types of tears:

Clear tears

If they are clear and the eye looks normal, it may be that a basilite (literal) has been inserted and since they have no way of removing it, they expel it through tears. If this is the case, there is nothing to fear and does not require treatment. If you want to help him, use some soft absorbent paper to remove what may be hurting him.

Tears with color

If the tears look yellow to green, it is a sign that there is an infection and the reasons may be: that your cat has an allergy, that he has a cold or that he has an acute infection. In any case it is recommended to visit the veterinarian and not let it go, because you can go blind if you do not receive care.

Try to keep your face clean and dry so you don't cry.

Video that explains in more detail the tears of cats

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