How to maintain your cat's oral hygiene?


Like us, cats also require care for their teeth. And it is that a lack of dental hygiene in your cat can cause tartar, halitosis or inflammation of the gums, as well as worsen other ailments such as diabetes. That's why it's important to take good care of your pet's teeth.

Of course, we know that for many owners this can be a complicated or even unknown task. To change this explanation, from Promiau we want to offer you in this article all the information to ensure good cat oral hygiene.

The key to good oral hygiene: food

It is known that having an unbalanced diet can cause multiple diseases. Among them, the known digestive problems, obesity, diabetes, etc. It also has a direct effect on the health of the denture. Therefore, do that our cat follow a balanced diet, according to their age and size, It is the first step to ensure that optimal oral hygiene.

In the same way, through your own food we can favor the care of your teeth. And is that many brands have designed feeds that help decrease bacterial plaque and tartar formation. The same act of chewing the balls between the teeth is a good way for them to be cleaned daily. On the other hand, there are also snack numbers and Treats specially designed to improve the oral health of the animal.

At the end of the day, but, the feeding itself is not enough to replace a periodic brushing, but it is a good way to keep your teeth at bay.

2. Use products for cats

Human toothpastes are designed for our tooth enamel and can damage our felines' teeth. Therefore, its use should be avoided. Toothpastes for animalsOn the other hand, they have not only been created for them, but also they usually have chicken and meat flavors and aromas.

3. Create a positive bond with brushing

Let's accept it, brushing a cat's teeth is, at first instance, a rather intrusive act for the animal. Therefore it's natural to be suspicious, anxious or violent in the process. The way to prevent this reaction from becoming routine is to turn this act into something positive for him. Before starting, play for a while to distract him. Then proceed with caution and care, touching his mouth carefully and not forcing him if he is uncomfortable.

With this little guide, we hope that the next dental cleaning will be a success.

The importance of your cat's oral hygiene

Oral hygiene is an essential part of proper preventive medicine for all species. Felines need oral care to ensure an adequate digestive process and prevent the proliferation of microorganisms.

Oral disorders and dental diseases usually result from the accumulation of tartar on teeth and gums, and halitosis This is usually the first symptom that there is an imbalance in your cat's mouth.

Almost always these imbalances derive from poor dental hygiene or directly from their absence. Daily brushing is the only way to eliminate bacterial plaques and prevent tartar formation. Therefore, it is essential to reaffirm the importance of oral hygiene of your cat.

Plates and tartar: what they are and why it is important to fight them

During your daily diet, Cats usually accumulate food particles between their teeth and in their gums. These areas offer optimal conditions for the appearance and accelerated development of various bacteria.

The presence of these bacteria added to sugar molecules of the food remains leads to the formation of plaques. Plates are thin, colorless and sticky films that adhere to teeth and gums.

This phenomenon produces a feedback, where the plates begin to serve as food for the bacteria that cause it. It generates the production of toxins and acids that irritate the gums and corrode tooth enamel.

If the plates are not removed in time, they combine with the minerals in the saliva and harden. Tartar, also called dental calculus, is precisely the result of calcification of bacterial plaques. Once tartar is formed, the bacteria adhere to the tooth and penetrate the enamel, give rise to decay.

How to remove tartar from your cat?

When plaques calcify and form tartar, it is no longer possible to remove it with regular brushing. Surgical intervention under anesthesia of a veterinarian specialized in feline dentistry is necessary.The type of intervention, its intensity and recovery vary according to the progress of tartar in each animal.

Once again, It is worth remembering the importance of prevention. Simple attitudes guarantee the good oral hygiene of your cat, in addition to avoiding more complex pains and treatments.

3- Positively associate the moment of brushing

Naturally, Your cat will be suspicious and somewhat stressed with the experience. Therefore, it is important to reduce the tension at the time of brushing.

It is recommended to simulate that the activity is a game to stimulate and distract. You can start by playing to touch your mouth and teeth. When the cat feels comfortable, you can insert the brush and begin to gently clean your teeth.

4- Brush teeth and gums carefully

Brushing must be thorough and thorough, cleaning the teeth and gums. The latter ask for special softness to avoid any bleeding.

The brush should reach every corner of your cat's mouth. In addition, the teeth should be brushed from top to bottom, from right to left. It is also recommended to add small circular movements.

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Food and water:

Cat hygiene should start from the maintenance of their food and water containers. Cat food can now be obtained in different presentations, you can check with your veterinarian which one is best with the breed of your pussy.

While water, pet stores sell a variety of water dispensers to make it easier to always keep it fresh and clean.

Another option may be that you prepare the cat for food.vegetable and meat base, chicken, fish or turkey with which you can prepare pates, croquettes, cookies, wet or dry food, creams, porridge and a variety of recipes so that you consent to your pussy.

In addition, you should always make sure that the place where you put water and food for your cat is free of dust and dirt since this is a favor so that the pussy does not want to feed or drink.

Brushing the hair:

Cat hygiene in time to his coat it is advisable to brush daily if it is long hair, if it is short you can make it interdiary. By doing this, you will keep the cat's fur and skin in good condition, you can avoid skin diseases and annoying knots, so your partner will stay very healthy.

Too, brushing your cat's fur will reduce the risk of intestinal obstruction from hairballs, To do this, you can consult a veterinarian or a pet store which would be the ideal brush according to the coat of your pussy.

In turn, it is important that from a young age you accustom your feline to regular brushing, so that over time it is not a problem but that you enjoy it.

When combing your cat you help get rid of dead hairs and sub hairs in all their fur and avoid that these adhere to the furniture and carpets of your house, especially when they are in their period of shedding of fur that is when they give off more hair.

How to care for your cat's fur in 5 steps:

  • Pray or sit your cat on an old cloth because it will surely fill with a lot of hair, we recommend you do this task away from home.
  • First, brush your pussy against hair with a detangling comb, that is, contrary to the way the fur is born, so that dead hairs come off.
  • Then, use a softer comb this time in the same direction as the birth of the fur, so you can finish brushing it.
  • Encourage your cat for good behavior and give him a cookie or treat treat.
  • Finally, rub the coat in a caressed way with a cotton or leather handkerchief and thus your coat will be smooth, combed and shiny.

    Nail Cut:

    Nails or claws are a vital point in cat hygiene, so that they do not grow disproportionately you can buy a scraper to sharpen their nails. At the same time, When you are stroking your cat you can look closely at his nails to confirm that they are all in good condition.

    If you notice that someone is incarnate, growing in an unsuitable way or notes that cause pain to your cat, you should go to the veterinarian to review it and cut it.

    In cat hygiene, nail cutting should be approximately every 3 weeks, some cats grow slower or faster than others, but that is the estimated time. If the nails are too long they can limit the natural movements of the cat, cause injuries to its paws for not supporting it well and a great and uncomfortable pain.

    The cut of the nail it should be done right at its final end, being careful not to cut the fleshy part because that will hurt your cat and it may bleed, The nail cut does not cause any sensation in your cat but it is important that since childhood you accustom it to this part of your toilet, so you will avoid inconvenience and scratches when doing so.

    Clean sandpit:

    To maintain good hygiene for cats in your home, the sandbox must always remain clean, we know that cats are peculiarly neat animals, therefore, they will not make their needs in their sandbox if it is dirty. To do this, you should avoid having feces and urine stay in the container for a long time or your cat will decide to make his needs in another place.

    Nowadays, you can find sandboxes with grilles in pet stores, these are special for filtering partially clean sand, so you can recycle and only dispose of the one that has s />

    Monthly bathroom:

    When cleaning themselves with their tongue, cats do not need regular baths, however, when they are filled with toxic substances or soil it is recommended that they be bathed. As usual, the bath in cats is necessary 1 or 2 times a month.

    Cats should not bathe constantly because they would lose the essential oils for the care of their skin in the environment, in addition, their fur to excessive contact with cleaning products will lose their vitality.

    Always keep in mind that at the time of to bathe your cat you must use products purely made for cats, never use bath soap, or products for dogs or humans. The hygiene for cats in their anus is very important and even more when this is long-haired, for them, we recommend carefully cutting with scissors the hairs around their genitals and anal area.

    Eye cleaning:

    Cleaning the eyes in cats is crucial to avoid conjunctivitis and other eye problems. To do this, you can use a cotton moistened with physiological solution and gently run it through your cat's eyes, in this way remove any dirt that may be hurting you, being careful not to hurt the inside of your pet's eye.

    Certain breeds of cats have the peculiarity of segregating a lot by the lachrymal and this is annoying for the cat when it accumulates, apart, sticky clusters are formed to the brown coat, with a bad smell, If your cat suffers from such discomfort, clean your eyes once a week, so you will avoid major problems.

    Dental hygiene:

    Good dental hygiene in cats will help you prevent painful diseases in the teeth and gums of the pussycat. First you must accustom it as well as the other recommendations in cat hygiene so that it does not become confusing and your pets react badly. Consult with your veterinarian the different brands of special dentifrices for cats.

    Then, with a small and soft toothbrush and toothpaste, clean your teeth and gums very well, they should be pink, if they are very dark, your cat could be suffering from a type of mood disease.

    The good oral health of your cat will help you prevent tooth decay, tartar and the accumulation of plaque on your teeth and provide good breath.. At the end of this task, reward your cat with many affections so that he feels animated the next time he touches his dental cleaning.

    Ears clean:

    To clean your cat's ears, wrap one of your fingers in a moist gauze with physiological solution and carefully pass it to your cat's earThis will prevent dirt from accumulating, which in extreme cases causes otitis and other conditions.

    Also, you can consult your veterinarian to recommend a special clean ear for cats in case that with the solution you cannot remove all the dirt, these products are usually applied by drops and help to remove it more easily.