Bathing a pregnant bitch: steps to do it right


If at any time we have to take care of a pregnant dog, the most normal thing is that we are struck by doubts about the care she needs. From feeding to deworming, through hygiene or daily exercise, even the most daily activities become a source of questions when the dog we care for is in a state of gestation. Our veterinarian will be the professional in charge of solving all these questions. In this Animal Expert article we approach a common question in many queries: Can you bathe a pregnant bitch? Keep reading and we'll tell you!

A bitch's pregnancy has a approximate duration of 63 days, with an oscillation of between 56 and 66, that is, let's calculate about two months. While a normal pregnancy allows you to maintain the dog's routine, the following considerations must be taken into account:

  • Veterinary checks: As soon as we suspect that our dog is pregnant, we should go to our referral clinic, since it will be our veterinarian who will provide us with the guidelines to follow, also marking the necessary veterinary reviews. These generally include a first visit to confirm pregnancy by ultrasound and / or abdominal palpation and a last one, close to the probable date of delivery, to ensure that everything is correct.
  • Feeding: Once the pregnancy is confirmed, we must feed our dog with a special feed for puppies, because it is the most suitable to meet their food needs during this period and the one that will continue to be breastfeeding.
  • Deworming: It is advisable to deworm our dog shortly before the time of delivery and, together with her puppies, while breastfeeding. This practice will reduce the exposure of puppies to eggs that could be deposited in the environment. During this period, not all antiparasitics are safe, so we should use only those recommended by our veterinarian.
  • Exercise: Our dog can lead a completely normal life, making her usual outings and walks. We just have to prevent him from making big jumps or abrupt games with other dogs, as he could get hurt.
  • Precautions: Before applying or administering any product to our pregnant dog, we should consult with the veterinarian, since during pregnancy, substances such as those that contain antiparasitic collars, pipettes or shampoos can be harmful when they are able to reach the puppies.

This last point of precautions links to our initial question about whether we can bathe a pregnant dog. Let's see the answer.

The bath in the pregnant bitch

The dog should continue with her routine, and this includes the bathroom as often as she is used to, so yes, yes you can bathe a pregnant bitch, although we must observe the following precautions:

  • Make sure that the bathtub or the place where we bathe it has a non-slip surface to avoid falls and bumps. We can use the bath mats or even a simple folded towel.
  • Always use a shampoo approved by our veterinarian, as, as we have said, some components could be toxic, especially in the case of shampoos with insecticides used for deworming. In this way, if you ask yourself with what soap to bathe your pregnant dog, do not hesitate to consult with the specialist who keeps track of your dog.
  • Handle the dog carefully, without pressure or sudden movements in the abdominal area.
  • If you breathe agitated, are uncomfortable, anxious or try to leave the tub continuously, we should not continue washing. Stress is harmful.

And, although the bathroom is suitable for most pregnant dogs, there are circumstances in which it is not recommended, as can be explained below:

    At the end of pregnancy: It's a time when the bitch needs calm>

Can you bathe a pregnant bitch?

One of the first questions that arises when our pet expects puppies is whether we should maintain their usual bathroom routine. The veterinarian Juan Francisco Sánchez, from the Mascotas clinic, in La Carlota (Córdoba), explains that, "of course, you can bathe a pregnant dog."

The veterinarian recommends having certain precautions, especially with the more nervous pregnant pets. "Whenever possible, it is advisable to concentrate the baths at the beginning and mid-gestation, avoiding the last days, since it is not strange that, during the last four or five days of pregnancy, grooming causes some recommended little stress in the dog in his state, "explains Sánchez.

A pregnant bitch who lives in the city may need one bath per month (if you have long hair) or one every two or three months (if it is short-haired). "Offering our pregnant female female a bath at the beginning of pregnancy and another halfway is usually enough," adds Sánchez.

Choose the appropriate shampoo for the grooming of your pregnant pet

In the market there is a wide variety of products suitable for bathing your pet (those made for people are not useful, since the PH of our skin is different and can harm the dog). There are shampoos for dogs with very sensitive skin or with a tendency to allergic reactions. There are also specific for each type of hair: short, long, curly, dark or light. It is a matter of choosing the product that best suits the characteristics of the dog.

A pregnant dog does not have to use a soap other than the one she uses regularly for her baths. However, you should run away from shampoos that contain antiparasitic products.

To avoid animal stress, you should not bathe during the last days of pregnancy

"These types of soaps contain substances that attack fleas and ticks that may be lodged in the skin of our dog. But they are substances that, in contact with the skin of our pet, can be absorbed and enter your body, affecting in a way refusal to the puppies that lodges in its belly ", explains doctor Sánchez.

In some cases, the contact of vulnerable embryos with these aggressive substances may even cause spontaneous abortions Unwanted in the bitch you gestated.

Avoid pressure in the female's belly area

The body temperature of the dog is 39 ° C on average. This means that the dog's body works at about two degrees more than that of people. This difference explains that the dog is more sensitive to cold water than humans: your body feels a greater contrast. The temperature that a person may find hot, the dog may find cold. The temperature of the bath water should be as similar as possible to that of our pet and, therefore, approach 39 ° C.

Another precaution that should guide the grooming of our pet is to avoid excessive pressure on the belly of the pregnant dog, since the available space for puppies, which grow steadily, is getting smaller. "In the belly area, the product should be applied by a light massage," adds the veterinarian. The same caution should be maintained when removing the shampoo with warm water. "You have to be guided by common sense," concludes Sánchez.

A pregnant female dog needs her usual bathing routine, with adequate soap and water, just like other pets.

It is convenient to concentrate the baths at the beginning and in the middle of the gestation, to avoid them during the last days and to prevent that the dog undergoes certain stress, little recommended in its state.

A pregnant female dog who lives in the city may need a bath a month (if she has long hair) or one every two to three months (if she has short fur).

Proposing to our pregnant female female a bath at the beginning of pregnancy and another in the middle, often, is enough.

A pregnant dog does not have to use a soap other than the one she uses regularly for her baths: it is important, however, to discard shampoos containing antiparasitic products.

Avoid excessive pressures in the delicate area of ​​the belly of the pregnant dog.

Do not forget to go to your veterinarian in case of doubt.

Can a pregnant dog be bathed with asuntol or with amitraz?

As we have been saying, there are certain substances that are harmful during pregnancy. Asuntol and amitraz are among them. Both are topical antiparasitic agents used against fleas, ticks and lice and that, in a small percentage, are absorbed through the skin and, thus, can affect the puppies in formation, causing teratogenic effects (malformations) or even abortions. Therefore, and although you can bathe a pregnant dog, we can never do it with a product that our veterinarian has not recommended us with the certainty that its use is safe during the pregnancy of our dog. During breastfeeding, precautions must be maintained, as these and other substances can also reach the milk. Thus, it is not recommended to bathe a pregnant dog with asuntol or amitraz, unless the veterinarian so indicates.

This article is purely informative, at we have no power to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian in case he presents any type of condition or discomfort.

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How to bathe a pregnant bitch?

Having a dog can be one of the most rewarding experiences that a person can have throughout his life, since Dogs are the most loyal friends. They listen to you, make you laugh, accompany you and will always love you until the end of time.

That's why when you decide to adopt a dog as a pet, there is a great responsibility in your hands, since dogs not only make us smile, but they have needs that we all must meet.

The same as us, Dogs need to eat, go to the bathroom, interact, sleep and clean. As for the food, people must be very careful, since the stomach of the dogs works totally different from ours, so that a food that can be delicious for us (like chocolate), for them can be very harmful and even mortal.

As for making your needs or "going to the bathroom", Dogs must have a specific place to go, teaching them from small discipline and showing them where their right place to go to the bathroom is.

Connecting is not difficult for them, since just going out to the park or taking a short walk, Dogs can interact with any other person or animal. The same goes for your sleeping hours, who has not seen how sleepy they are!

The dog's bathroom

Bath time is a totally different story, since bathing a dog can be a somewhat tedious process, since they do not understand when they should be calm. Dogs they are not exactly lovers of baths and prefer to be playing all day in the mud, grass and sand.

Many people complain that their dogs they generate a mess in the bathroom when cleaning them and cause small and unpleasant floods that their owners have to clean. In addition, many dogs instinctively, after bathing tend to return to one of their favorite places, the earth, so that they cause their owners new discomforts that immediately make them disappear with one of those tender “doggy looks”.

The truth is bathe a dog it is not the same procedure as the one we apply in us, since when we bathe a dog, we must be very careful, since we can harm their eyes and ears, cause fungus, ear pain and even infections.

If bathing your dog already seems like a difficult task, bathing a pregnant bitch becomes something a little more complex. But don't worry, here we have the solution for you! If your dog is pregnant, follow this guide and Learn the right way to bathe your dog.

Bath preparation

The most important when bathing a pregnant bitch is to remain calm, we must be calm, since they notice tension in us and they should only perceive tranquility. As we mentioned earlier, the dogs are very restless at the time of bathing and when they are pregnant they are much heavier, so it can be difficult to handle a restless and heavier dog at the same time.

Try to caress her as much as you can, scratch her behind her ears and make her pamper you know she likes them. Speak also in a quiet and relaxing voice, so that your dog can be as calm as possible.

If you think you can escape, seek the help of another person, since more hands can be very useful when trying to escape from the bathroom.

If your dog is afraid of baths or feels very uncomfortable, don't try to force it To do it. Generating more stress is not good in your state so as an alternative solution, look for a brush and a damp cloth and try to remove as much dirt as possible. You can do the same with wet wipes, which are excellent for removing debris from their fur.

If he returns from playing in the mud, wait for it to dry and then remove it.

It's important to put attention on you don't have to change the routine you usually use with it. Apply the same methods you always apply when you bathe her, so if you are nervous she will also be nervous.

Bath time

As a general rule, Dogs should bathe at least twice a month. With long-haired dogs we can even decrease the frequency to once a month, while in short-haired dogs we should clean them at least twice a month.

This rule should be applied, of course for your dog, even if she is pregnant. It is important not to lose the routines Although you are in a state of gestation, especially in these things that are not exactly your favorites, such as the bathroom.

Remember that baths should be done between the beginning of pregnancy and half of it. Once the puppies are born, wait at least 1 week and you can start bathing again. If your dog is not comfortable with any situation, remember that at bath time you must be calm, since your nerves and anxiety are transmitted to her.

Before the bath leave at hand all the tools you use regularly When you bathe her. The shampoo, conditioner and several dry towels to be able to do the whole process correctly and without having to leave it alone.

The first will be place the pregnant bitch in the bathtub. When you do, you should keep in mind that you can't take her belly, since this can be painful or annoying for her. Instead, take it behind the back legs and in front of the front legs, wrapping it with your arms. Be kind, since you can hurt her.

Put a slip mat in the bathtub, since many times the bathtub can cause the pregnant dog to slip and fall and this will only generate more restlessness and anxiety.

Be careful with the shampoo

Soap can be the one you use regularly and you can even apply the suitable shampoo for your fur without any problem, as long as does not contain antiparasitic products. These are left absolutely prohibited during pregnancy, since the properties that kill fleas and ticks, during pregnancy could affect puppies, even causing abortions in the dog.

Antiparasitic shampoos for pregnant bitches are totally a mistake, although it is true that our dog's fur is full of parasites, this type of shampoo can be deadly Even for the young.

This is because these shampoos they are chemical based that kill parasites, but that can also be absorbed through the skin and can reach the animal's organism. Once there, they pass into the bloodstream and can reach the young and affect them.

Try to search a shampoo with the least amount of chemicals possible. Remember that you cannot use hygiene products that we usually use, it must be a specific product for them.

The pH of dogs is very different from ours, so using our bath gels is not suitable for them. We would only cause a possible irritation and maybe you will not get the proper cleaning.

Maintain the proper water temperature

The water temperature should be warm, but should be around 39 degrees Celsius, which is the temperature that dogs generally have.

Do not use very hot or very cold water, since you can make your dog not want to bathe or run away from there. Remember that drastic temperature changes are very unpleasant, especially for dogs in pregnancy, which are much more sensitive.

If you have an extendable hose, gradually wet your dog's coat. If you do not have it, with a container go wetting the fur little by little. If your dog gets nervous when you're filling the bathtub, keep her out of it and let her fill up. Once it is completely filled with water, place your dog in it.

Remember place anti-slip structures, either mats or cloths, where you can place the dog, without fear of suffering any kind of falls, or harm.

Distribute the shampoo well and start rinsing all the foam, until you see that all its fur is completely clean. Avoid leaving residues in any part of your body, as it can cause irritation, problems with the coat and even itching.

Make gentle massages

It is the most important part and the one that makes the difference between the bath to a common dog and a pregnant dog, since bitches in a state of gestation are more delicate in the abdomen area, since they have fully exposed offspring.

When you bathe her, you must be very careful with this area, since some sudden movement can cause pain and discomfort. In addition, this type of damage can cause the dog to become aggressive or try to run away and unintentionally hurt herself.

It is important that you be careful in don't rub that area very hard, imagine that it is a newborn puppy you are bathing. So do small massages behind your neck, through your back, by your tail and finally on the back and front legs. Remember do not make sudden movements in your stomach.

Once you have made sure that your dog is totally free of foam and shampoo, proceed to remove it from the bathtub.

Set a drying method

Despite what many believe, to dogs it is not necessary to dry them completely, since with the air they will dry up little by little. Of course, you must remove as much water as possible, especially if your dog has long hair, as this can cause a bad smell if it does not dry well.

Decide if you are going to dry your dog with a hair dryer or with a towel.

If it is with a towel, place your dog on a non-slip surface and gently run the towel over your body, so that you effectively remove as much water and moisture. Avoid doing this strongly in the abdomen area, as you can hurt her.

If you are going to do it with a hair dryer, you should remember to place it on a non-slip surface. If your dog gets nervous with the noise of the dryer, don't force it to dry like this, since you can cause him to run away and get hurt. Place the air force and temperature at intermediate level, so that these two factors do not affect it much.

Run a brush over your fur at the same time that you move the dryer, to be able to untangle the hair well.

If you're bathing at night, it's important that you dry it very well and remove all excess moisture, since generally the air currents are not very strong at this time, there is no sun and also the dog will go to sleep, so the water will remain on her body and the next day Your fur will have a bad smell.

Remember that you should not pass any type of chemical through the dog's face, since you can cause irritation, allergy and even poisoning. The same happens with the ears, which can be painful for them if during the bath a product falls and even water inside. Try to wash only the outer part (posterior to the ear), and with very little water.

Bathing a pregnant bitch is not especially difficult, since you just have to apply the same usual bathing routine, but trying not to make sudden movements in the abdominal area.