Small and calm dog breeds


All dogs are great but not all dogs are the same. These animals have been selected over time to help us perform different tasks. Thus, physical and behavioral differences were established according to the races. We must be aware that the selection made to get those dogs that better cover one or the other needs (grazing, hunting, companionship ...), make different breeds have different behaviors. In theory, Any dog ​​can get along with children, although it is true that we must choose the specimen that we take home and be willing to proceed to their education properly.

However, some races have characteristics that generally make them more optimal for living with children. It is important that, Before taking a dog to your home, you inform yourself well about the characteristics of the breed and choose carefully to the new family member. Leaving it because it does not meet your expectations should never be an option. If you have children, you will want an affectionate and active dog, patient with the little ones. You will find many suggestions about which one is the best. We will analyze several races and their main characteristics.

What I find here?

Why are there so many dog ​​breeds?

When looking for information to choose a dog, you can be overwhelmed by the number of breeds and possibilities that appear before you. Which one should you choose?

The great diversity of races is due to the fact that the human being has been designing different dogs for different functions for thousands of years. Unfortunately, in the last 100 years this has become a dizzying thing that is leading many dogs to critical situations, by enhancing physical aspects that are not functional and bypassing their health, character and well-being.

Each race has genetic and behavioral differences that we have to know when choosing our partner. Start by looking for information about the different types:

  • Military dogs
  • Police dogs
  • Search and rescue dogs
  • Service dogs
  • Therapy dogs
  • Hunting dogs
  • Grazing dogs
  • Sled dogs
  • Dogs of prey
  • Companion dogs

All of them have certain characteristics that influence their behavior. Y not all are ideal for a child. Naturally, we will also have to think about which characteristics are best for our family and needs.

Is a dog of breed considered dangerous good for a house with children?

Dogs of dangerous so-called breeds are excellent dogs, but due to their characteristics they require special conditions. These are very strong dogs that have been designed to attack or collect prey. They are aggressive in attack and defense and have a high resistance to pain.

These dogs have an attack sequence inhibited, do not warn, growling or threatening when they are going to do so.. Also, once they launch the attack, they disconnect the cognitive mode and they will not obey you. In addition, they are designed to don't let go of your prey.

If you are going to choose one of these dogs, you must be a born leader and keep in mind that they are dogs with only one owner. They can be great throughout their lives, but if one day for any reason they attack a member of your family, the consequences will be fatal.

You must be very aware of the dog you take to your home and know if you will be able to educate and lead it conveniently.

What should I do when I take a dog to a house with children?

The first step is proceed to your education from day one. This is always important, since obedience training is essential for good living. Some adult in the family must have enough time and commitment to spend long hours training the dog.

If you want children to be involved in their education, make sure they remain under adult supervision. It is also important educate children to learn to live with their new friend without disturbing or stressing.

Is a good idea to buy a book about the chosen race and soak up the characteristics of your future friend. You must be clear that it is the dog you want and that you can provide what you need.


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The best dog breeds for children

If you have children, it is important that you look an intelligent, active and good tempered dog. Have energy to play with them and then be able to remain calm at home. Next, we are going to point out some of the races considered optimal for living with the little ones.

  • He Labrador Retriever or Golden retriever. Both dogs are considered excellent for children. These are dogs with a lot of energy, they can develop hyperactivity if they do not run enough. They are active and playful. These dogs are very affectionate and not aggressive at all.. They are dogs ideal for children. Of course, they need space to play and run. If you are not willing to take your dog for long walks and races, then it is not your option.
  • He Beagle. A hunting dog very playful and hyperactive. Easy to train and very quiet when leading a proper active life. It is not a very big dog and behaves very well with children. Without proper exercise and the necessary attention, you can become overprotective and bark a lot.
  • He Poodle. It is a very dog intelligent and great temperament. This dog was designed to retrieve objects from the water. It can be of three sizes: standadr, miniature or toy, the little ones are ideal to have in a flat or in an apartment. Is very playful and live about 17 years.
  • He Boxer. Is a playful dog and likes children. In addition, it has a strong protective instinct, it will not let anyone approach your children. They protect their herd and are aggressive against strangers if necessary to take care of their own. The American boxer is a hunting dog that was used as a guide dog and as a messenger in the war. He is very energetic and needs to exercise every day. In addition, it requires strong leadership. If you do not find yourself able to impose yourself on it, you better choose a smaller and more manageable dog.
  • He Collie. Is a family dog ​​and also has guard instinct. Very predictable character. You need space to walk. It will protect your children and will not allow strangers to approach without notice. You will have to brush it often to keep your hair healthy and shiny. The Collie is one of the 15 ideal breeds of dogs for an apartment or for an apartment.
  • Saint Bernard. This big guy He is very docile and protective. Easy to train and very quiet. Result ideal for toddlers and babies.
  • He German shepherd. It is a great sheepdog, very functional. It adapts to any situation and is a good companion and work animal. Very obedient and easy to train. Also has a great defense instinct, which will protect your children from any danger. Shepherd dogs, in general, are ideal for anyone who is willing to train them and provide them with an active life. Of course, they require leadership skills and must be well trained.
  • Mongrel dogs. A very suitable option is to rescue a dog from an animal shelter. Mestizo dogs are often balanced and intelligent. Choose carefully and find out about your character and obedience. These are dogs that have gone through difficult situations and may show behavioral problems. You will have to spend time in training, but if you choose one of these dogs, you will provide him with a home and he will be eternally grateful.
  • Bichon Maltese. A cheerful and playful dog but have a small size You may end up being an ideal partner.

There are many more races and all of them will provide excellent companions to your children. The rule that you must continue to choose properly is simple: find out about the race you are going to take home and about the specimen in particular, study their needs and think if you will be able to supply them objectively.

Do not take a dog without knowing what awaits you and then abandon it or find another home. It is important to choose responsibly. It is a living being that will integrate into your pack with all the consequences.


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We already have the dog at home.

Congratulations, you have chosen a new partner for your children and for the whole family. He will be a faithful friend who will give everything for you. He will take care of you, play happily and provide you with thousands of incredible moments. Your children are lucky, since dogs provide them with experiences and emotional stability. They will establish a very close bond that they will never forget and will contribute to the construction of their personality. But the trip does not end here. Actually, it has only just begun: Now you will have to Learn to find the best food for your dog, do not forget find a dog house appropriate to its size and the possibilities of space you have, inform you of all types of vaccines you have to give your pet, and all kinds of issues concerning the care of your new friend.

Before you, years of living together are combined with constant training (both of dogs and children). Education is not a day thing. It is a life-long project that you must assume responsibly. Welcome to your new and exceptional life!

I want a small breed dog that is quiet, which one do I choose?

They are considered small breed dogs those that do not weigh much more than 10 kg. They are classified in Mini or Toy races (between 2 and 5 kg) and small races (from 5 to 10 kg). They are more long-lived than the larger ones and it is important to remember that, apart from the size, you must take into account the special characteristics and needs of the chosen breed, since each dog is different.

There are many small dog breeds. In this article you will find a selection among those who enjoy a calm character. But do not fall into the error of thinking that being small and quiet will not need good training. You will all be happier if your dog has a balanced character. Do not forget to take him for a walk often and try not to be alone all day. Although small, he is still a friend who needs you.

Even if it's small, your new friend will need to go out daily. Otherwise, you will not be able to release your energy and may develop anxiety or aggressiveness.. On the other hand, lack of attention and affection can turn your partner into a little tyrant.

The responsible>

Children are always fascinated with dogs, and they they can love children more than their own owners. They are excellent playmates, and many races have an enviable resistance with those little demons that pull their ears, they climb on them as if they were ponies and disguise them with glasses and hats.

Having a dog is a request of many children, and if you have the possibility, it is an excellent gateway to develop your responsibility, either by complying with the routines of the walks, cleaning the droppings from the yard or from the street , and remembering to provide water and food to the animal.

Well, that's in theory, because in practice, "in the end the dog is taken care of by parents," says Alejandro Serrat, owner of the Aqua Natura animal store. He has been breeding dogs for over 25 years and knows that children's enthusiasm for dogs has to be a love at first sight, but that The animal is not a toy.

Race is not everything

There are more than 700 dog breeds in the world. In this wide range there are some more docile and faithful, ideal for living in a family environment. Race, however, does not determine a particular or better behavior. The only thing that does is the education and love that are given to animals

There are dogs in shelters and kennels that are mestizos and are perfect, even better than those of breed, to live with the smallest of the house. Like all animals, if they are well educated since childhood, they are extremely faithful and intelligent, and will bring a large share of love to the owners and their children.

So, before considering buying an animal, think that your ideal dog may be waiting in a center, despite not being of a specific breed.

In the long run, "dogs resemble their owners, and all they need is love," says Serrat. Therefore, the education and treatment you receive in a family will be key to having a pet that can live without problems.

In the sample of races, some have a need for constant physical activity, such as the labrador or the golden retriever. In these cases, they should have long walks at least four or six times a day. Other races, such as mastiffs or Great Danes, barely move and are very sedentary. And the Chihuahuas, for example, don't want to go out as a joke if it's raining.

From small to large, these are some of the recommended races to have in a family with children. But in addition to this classification, it should also be remembered that mongrel dogs, if they are well educated from an early age, are extremely faithful and intelligent, and will contribute a large share of love to the owners and their children.

These small dogs, which seem taken out of an advertising of fabric softener, are extremely affectionate and playful in their first months, and then they are calm but always willing to run around and accompany the children. You don't need much space to live, and at the most it is necessary to be careful that the children do not surpass with their fragile structure when they have few months.

Also known as carlino, is the dog that not everyone likes his compressed face and black tube. But for other people, this ‘ugliness’ is their most sympathetic trait. And what is certain is that he is a very faithful copy, who always looks for someone to scratch him and who can show his love effusively.

It is not recommended for families who are absent for long periods, the animal becomes depressed if it does not meet its family daily. It is not a dog to go joggingBecause of its physical constitution, it tires quickly and has trouble breathing if you exercise intensely. Therefore, it is recommended for people who prefer quiet walks.

3) Yorkshire terrier

Ideal for those who live in small flats or those who like to take your pet on the motorcycle and even on the bike, the small size of the Yorkshire makes one of the lap dogs par excellence.

They are somewhat nervous, and you have to be well educated as a puppy so that in your adulthood you are not a dog too barking. But They are very funny and sociable, and children can play and pamper themselves throughout their lives.

4) French bulldog

Another breed that is fashionable, and has a loyalty with its fireproof masters, that when it meets them, emits strange sounds that amuse the whole family. They are very intelligent, and easily detect if any member is distressed.

Nor is it suitable for great walks, prefers the placidity of an apartment, even if it is small, and at most it is grateful with a brief tour of the park.

His appearance of eternal puppy makes him one of the favorite breeds for families. They are not aggressive, and stand out for the affection they propagate to their owners. With strangers they are somewhat distrustful at first, but you have to keep in mind that it is a breed that comes from hounds, “and it can be very stubborn, so you have to educate him well so that he does not end up always imposing his will”, Says Alejandro Serrat.

This medium sized dog is like an eternal teenager, always wanting to play, run and be active. Therefore, if you don't have a park to burn your energies, you have to take him for a walk at least four times a day, because otherwise they will have a little bad temper. But they are not aggressive at all, and they have a devotion for their owners that is expressed in very effusive greetings.

In the range of medium to large dogs, this is a family favorite. Their sad appearance has nothing to do with their character, because they are very cheerful and in moments of effusion they shake their whole body.

It is not a dog that serves to take care of houses, but they are very protective of the family. “It is the race that has saved more children from drowning”, Says Serrat. Although they are adults with several years of life, they are always willing to play and run.

A breed of intelligent dogs (used as a guide or in police forces), faithful and affectionate. Well educated as children, they are able to withstand stoicism all the mischief that children do to them. They love to run for long periods and play in the water, but their great strength and contexture do not have to scare: just an order from the master that the farmer will obey.

9) Golden Retriever

With a similar constitution to the farmer, it is also characterized by its fidelity, affection and patience with adults and children. You need to 'burn' energy frequently, so you have to take long walks and several times a day, because you are prone to being overweight. They are calm specimens if they receive a good education from puppies, but that they can also be good guardians of the property.

10) German Shepherd

Another breed of smart dogs (also used by police and rescue forces) and awake, can be excellent guardians and caretakers of a farm, but with the owners maintain a very solid love and fidelity.

As such, protect children from dangers and any threat that perceive in the environment. They also like to do physical exercises, but adapt smoothly to relaxed walks and at a leisurely pace.