What breed of dog goes with my personality?


There are a huge number of pets and breeds to choose from, there are only 400 breeds of dogs! With the advances of the veterinary, the animals live much more nowadays: the dogs an average of fifteen years or more and the cockatoos the double. Friendship with your pet is not something fleeting, so it is important to choose correctly when you doubt between a furry or feathered animal.

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Flirtatious people who like to attract attention, cults and art

Dogs with bearing and elegance in many cases are considered "toy dogs", but people do not know they are very clever and imaginative races. The races that we expose you below usually make a phenomenal team with their owners because they are intellectually curious and open to new experiences. One of its most typical characteristics is that they tend to be very restless and brave. Among them we find:

People who choose these races are distinguished by being risky, having a lot of charisma and grace, you usually see them walking in the street with a very particular style, as if they were on a catwalk.

Alternative, demanding and intellectual

If you are demanding with others and with yourself and have high expectations of things, pay attention to the races most suitable for you:

Intelligent, determined very hardworking and exuberant, they are perfect for people who possess an energetic and dominant character. They are very faithful dogs and devotees to their families, so much so that sometimes they can become distrustful of strangers. For this reason, it is important to educate them in positive, socialize them properly and above all, offer a lot of love.

Choose the dog breed according to your style of v>

What is your lifestyle like? Stressed? Sedentary? Athlete? Good, for each one there is a breed of dog that you can choose to have more than a pet: a friend. Check out our tips that we hope you find useful:

If your pace of life is stressed because you have a split day in which you have little time to eat at home and that makes you arrive home late, It is best that you choose a small dog and do not need long daily walks to feel happy.

Also try to be a calm race so that it does not destroy you too much while you are not at home. A carlino, a bull dog or a shar pei would be ideal for you.

The affectionate, paternal and protective

You are everyone's friend, open, sociable and reliable. You like to react before the circumstances with joy and you always have a good disposition. Family is very important to you and you would do everything for them. If these are some of the characteristics that define you, at ExpertAnimal we recommend these dog breeds:

These hairy (raised correctly) lack aggressiveness, are very affectionate and loyal. Physical contact with its owner is vital for your emotional health. They are of the most intelligent and adaptable races, they enjoy the quiet walks in the park, to the runs along the beach.

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An English Setter

A wonderful Afghan with long hair looks great on the leash pulled by a Leo. An English Setter is an aristocratic and friendly race.

Both races are comfortable in luxurious spaces, just like Leo. None listen until your tone is a firm real mandate. The cheerful Irish Setter are the kind of dog everyone wants to know. It will help you meet people.

One could imagine Leo with a pair of chinchillas, mink or exotic pets and beautiful parrots. A cat? They have to understand each other well from the beginning, or they will fight to decide who is the owner ...

The dogs of the family of hunters enjoy luxury and comfort and are happy just lying around and being handsome.

Bassets benefit from the diet provided by the natives of this sign. It keeps them thin and slender. A fast, adaptable and vigilant Schnauzer is not loud or intrusive. A Rottweiler would not fit with this nervous owner.

Large dogs and athletes demand attention and activity. The lively Terrier could be a good option, although they are not easy to train. The demanding Virgo may not know what they are taking home. The birds could bring disorder. Cats have a rhythm that would fit with yours.

A german shepherd

The intelligent and practical German Shepherd is a good friend for you, sagittarius, when you want to stay at home or go on an adventure.

Many members of the toy race can be introduced in a bag, ready to explore. It may seem to you that a Chihuahua is too nervous as a travel companion. The Terrier can act first and think later.


The Capricorn fit dogs like the Collies, the German Shepherds or the Huskies.

Convince a Boxer or Doberman that you are the best and the boss, which will not cost you much, and will be your pet, taking care of you and your family. The Schnauzer like to follow the rules. Toy dogs can get angry and be irritable, preventing your concentration. A cat could sit on your keyboard and erase with a key three hours of your work.

A pekingese

Aquarius are the ideal adoptive parents for all dogs in the world.

Dogs whose ears, paws and hooves do not seem to fit their owner, are fascinating to your eyes. A greyhound removed from the races is for you a rescue mission. A Pekingese has a strong, free and independent personality that you can't stop admiring.

A chow chow

The most obvious pet for a Pisces are, of course, pisces.

The Koi can be very friendly creatures, but you can't hug them ... The best thing for a Pisces is to have a pond with a fountain that relaxes your nerves. Cats doze a lot, but so do Pisces. They like being in your lap and their purring couldn't please you anymore.

Non-sports dogs would be excellent companions. They will be active when you want to be, but they are also at ease if you wander around. The Chow Chow and Shar-Pei can easily win your heart. Dogs with eyes hidden under their hair, such as Lhasa Apso or Shih Tzu, make you feel uncomfortable.

8 Reasons why you need a dog in your life

For the most dubious PetLovers, we wanted to collect a few reasons to adopt a dog. 👉 SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL: DO YOU HAVE ANY DOUBT? Ask our veterinarians online for free:

This article does not attempt to be a 'dog buying guide', do not misunderstand us, rather it is the opposite, This is a series of tips for you to adopt responsibly, so that you are aware that if you spend a lot of time at home do not welcome a dog that needs to exercise a lot, but what if you are a great athlete? Then it is for you. Let's go there.

I love sports, which dog is better for me?

The best dogs for athletes are mestizos that look like a husky, a border collie or an Australian shepherd, also the breeds themselves, of course. If you like long walks, hiking and even running marathons, you will instantly recognize your ideal companion in the eyes of these animals.

Choose medium-sized dogs with a horny look and strong legs, you will surely not have the slightest problem in satisfying all your athletic needs. By the way, do you know the 'canicross'?

I am more than a movie and a blanket, which is the best dog to be at home a lot?

Large dogs love to stay at home and rest, you will have to take them out for a walk, but they appreciate lying down and resting by your side. A Saint Bernard, a Great Dane, a Spanish mastiff or a bloodhound are ideal for those who enjoy lie on the couch with a good book and a crackling fireplace next to it.

If you do not have space for such a large dog, you can consider adopting a basset hound or an English bulldog, which are also very quiet. Remember that even if they do not need much exercise you will have to play with them, feed them well and take them out to breathe fresh air frequently.

I am a very busy person, which dog fits with me?

If you have a frantic pace of life, you work hard, you barely have free time but you want to welcome a dog in your home to give you company, there is a breed for you: the carlino or pug. These dogs are very cute, they are not very large and they just need you to spend a little time to walk with them, but do not run too much, because they get tired right away. In SOS Carlinos you will find your better half.

Even if you don't believe it, greyhounds also need very little physical activity, only with a couple of walks of fifteen minutes a day will be satisfied. Your lifestyle also fits with a French bulldog or with a mastiff.

I feel alone, I need company, which dog is better for me?

If what you want is a faithful, loyal, sweet and kind friend choose any breed of dog, whether pure or mestizo, because saving a dog from his past life by collecting it from a shelter will bring you true love. The most recommended dogs to give company, even being considered as dogs for therapy, are the cavalier King charles spaniel. This breed is also ideal for a house with children.

I have many parties and I have many friends, which dogs are the most sociable?

If you usually have a lot of people at home and when you take responsibility for a dog you want to socialize with other owners, you are interested in knowing which dogs are more friendly with other individuals and also with others like him. For your case, the best are the golden retriever, Jack Russell terrier, miniature poodle, border collie and the boxer, among others.

These dogs are very affectionateThey like to make new friends and enjoy new people around them. Anyway, remember that animals are not friends of loud noises and live better following a continuous and orderly routine of exercise, food and care.

These are some of the most appropriate dog breeds depending on your lifestyle, however, mestizo dogs will also adapt perfectly to your way of being. When you go to an animal shelter, always ask about the character and needs you want and can adopt, reflect on your way of life, always adopt wisely and if one day it gets bad, you know where to find veterinarians Barkibu,).


If you have a sedentary lifestyle because you work at home and you don't like going out, We recommend a dog of calm character that does not pass making noise while you work and that does not require much time from you while you are at home.

But for your sedentary life, and if the house you live in allows you to, We recommend that you choose a large breed dog that "forces" you to take it out on at least a long walk once a day in addition to the other times required to do your little things.

A Spanish mastiff or an akita would be ideal. But If you can't have a big dog, choose a basset hound or an English bull dog.